Have you met someone with whom you would love to spend your life with in Erinn? The world of Mabinogi offers a beautiful Wedding Hall in which users who wish get married can do so. Here, you will learn about weddings of each race.

1. Races That Can Marry

A wedding can take place between two players of the opposite or the same genders.

You can marry a character of a different race. Of course, two characters from the same race can get married, but a Human character and an Elf character, or a Human character and a Giant character can also get married! However, because Elves and Giants oppose each other, an Elf character and a Giant character cannot get married.

* Once you are married, you may change the gender of your character when he/she is reborn.

2. Location of the Wedding Hall

Erinn has a Wedding Hall available for all races.
Find the Wedding Hall designated for the race to which your character belongs.

1) Humans

The Wedding Hall designated for the Humans is located in the Emain Macha Cathedral. Here, only a wedding between Humans can take place.

2) Elves/ Elf + Human

For the Elves, the Wedding Hall is located in the northern region of Filia. A wedding between two Elves or an Elf and a Human can take place here.

Because it is an outdoor Wedding Hall, the time and weather may affect the wedding. Special perks include beautiful fireworks at night time.

3) Giants/ Giant + Human

The Wedding Hall for the Giants is located at the house of the Giants’ leader in Vales. Here, a wedding between two Giants or a Giant and a Human can take place.

* Keep in mind that regardless of whether you are there for your own wedding or as a guest, you will be attacked by the guards before entering if you are a supporter of the opposing race.

3. Engagement

You must get engaged prior to getting married. You must meet the [Wedding Helper] in front of the Wedding Hall with your spouse-to-be.  

You will be provided with 3 different options when you speak to the Wedding Helper.

- Engaged: You can get engaged. 
- Wedding Information: You can receive information about getting engaged and married.

- Enter Another Wedding: You can enter someone else’s wedding.

1) Proposal

The Wedding Helper will tell you about getting [Engaged]. In order to get engaged, you must pay 5,000 Gold, which will serve as partial payment for the 30,000 Gold you pay when getting married.

In other words, you will only need to pay the balance of 25,000 Gold when you open your wedding.

Enter the person’s name to whom you would like to get engaged.

If you entered the name correctly, you can enter a message you would like to say to your partner.

Your proposal message will be sent to your partner, who will then decide whether to accept or deny your proposal.

*It may take some time for your partner to check the message, and you must wait until he/she replies. 

* The wedding must take place within a week in actual time after the engagement. The engagement will become invalid after a week.

2) Engagement Ring

The engagement is completed when your partner accepts the proposal whereupon an engagement ring is given.
You can engrave a wedding message on the engagement ring, which will be used during the wedding.

If you wish to change the wedding message, you can do so by speaking with the Wedding Helper before your wedding.

* You can enter the wedding message by speaking with the [Wedding Helper] and selecting [Input Wedding Msg]. The wedding messages will be swapped when you exchange rings with your partner during the wedding ceremony.

4. Preparing for Your Wedding – Wedding Invitations

Upon setting a date for your wedding, you can announce your wedding to others by speaking with the Wedding Helper and selecting [Wedding Card].

You will need 10 Gold for printing 1 invitation. Please enter the message you’d like to print on the invitations. Also remember to include the date of your wedding, and which channel your wedding will be on to help your guests find their way.

Characters with an invitation can enter the Wedding Hall directly. Should you not have an invitation at hand, you must find the Wedding Hall to enter; a password may be required to enter.

* Attending a Wedding as a Guest*

There are multiple weddings that are conducted on a given day at the Wedding Hall. If you would like to attend a wedding as a guest, speak with the Wedding Helper using the keyword [Attend a Wedding].

You can enter the Wedding Hall directly using an invitation if you have one in possession, but if you do not, you can enter by searching and selecting a wedding in process.

5. The Wedding

1) Opening the Wedding Hall

On the day of your wedding, you can select [Open My Wedding] by speaking with the Wedding Helper.

You will pay a fee for the Wedding Hall. Since you will have paid 5,000 Gold during your engagement, you will only have to pay the remaining 25,000 Gold.

If you assign a password when opening the Wedding Hall, only the guests who have an invitation or know the password will be allowed in. If you open your Wedding Hall, you will be given about 30 minutes of actual time.

* Remember that your wedding will be cancelled if you do not proceed with the wedding within the given 30 minutes.

2) Wedding Dress and Tux Rental

You will meet a Wedding Helper in charge of the wedding dress and tux rentals.
You can rent a wedding dress and tux for a fee by speaking to the Wedding Helper.

It is not required that you wear a wedding dress or a tux to your wedding, but remember that you can only wear the dress and tux at your wedding.

Wedding dresses and tuxedoes are ready to be rented out at each Wedding Hall.

Wedding outfits can only be worn inside the Wedding Hall. They will disappear if you take them out of the Wedding Hall.

After the wedding, you can receive 10% of the deposit back upon returning the outfits to the Wedding Helper in charge of the wedding dress and tux rental.

3) The Wedding

The bride and groom enter through the main door located in the middle of the Wedding Hall, while the guests enter through the side doors.

Right click the engagement ring in your Inventory and select [Use] to proceed with your wedding.

After the bride and groom enter the hall, the Wedding Presider will lead the ceremony during which the rings will be exchanged.

After thanking their guests for attending their wedding with a bow, the bride and groom will exit the Wedding Hall as they thank their guests for attending.

The wedding will proceed through a series of cut-scenes and you will automatically be transported to the lobby after the wedding.

* After the wedding, you will be given about 10 minutes for taking photos and returning your wedding clothes. When your time is up, the Wedding Hall will disappear and everyone will be transported outside.

6. Wedding Titles and Their Benefits

You can acquire the title [the Married] when you get married.

The title [The Married] will also include [OOOO’s Husband] or  [OOOO’s Wife] in front of your character’s name. If you happen to be traveling with your spouse while using the title, you can reap the bonus effects of [HP + 10, MP  + 10, Stamina  + 10].

7. Getting a Divorce

A divorce can take place when both parties give their consent. However, it is possible to get divorced without your partner’s consent if one of the parties has not logged in for a long time or has deleted the character.

1) Mutual Divorce

To process a Mutual Divorce, you can find and speak to the Wedding Helper with your spouse. You will need to pay a processing fee of 20,000 Gold to process a divorce.

2) Forced Divorce

You can force a divorce without your partner’s consent, but a processing fee of 50,000 Gold will be required to prevent ill-intentioned divorces.

* Your title [The Married] will be removed upon divorce.

8. In Conclusion

You have read about weddings. What could be more wonderful than to get married in the presence of warm blessings of others?

Mabinogi wishes happiness and harmony to all married couples as well as to all grooms and the bride-to-be’s.