In Mabinogi, you’ll learn a huge variety of skills to help you in combat. Early in your adventure, a man named Tin will teach you four basic skills, and you’ll be able to learn more as you complete quests and talk to NPCs. Skills define your character, and you can learn any skill you want no matter who you are! For example, a swordsman can learn a bowman’s skills and vice versa. Here are the four basic skills:

Regular Attack
Lash out at your enemies with a vicious attack. The Regular Attack can interrupt a Smash but it’s not strong enough to penetrate a well-timed Defense.


Assume a defensive pose to block incoming attacks. Even the best defense can be shattered by a strong Smash.

Put all your energy behind one massive attack. A Smash can penetrate an enemy’s defenses but it’s easily interrupted by a Regular Attack.

Parry your enemy’s attacks and strike back with a swift attack of your own. Counter-Attack blocks Regular Attacks and the Smash Skill, but you’re unable to move while using it.

There are many more skills to be discovered in Mabinogi, so be sure to use the Skills keyword when talking to NPCs to see if they’ve got anything to teach you.