Generation 1 Season 2 Update List

ANNOUNCE 5/1/2008 3:26:16 AM

Hello Mabinogi Mobs,

Following is the list of updates in G1S2 (Client Ver. 18) patch:


1. Mabinogi Item Shop has been added.
    - Item Shop is accessible by clicking on the shop button at the bottom of the game screen.
2. More hairstyles has been added to Premium Character Card.
    - Squire Cut, Captain Cut, and High Priest for male characters
    - Ponytail Princess, Layered Locks, and Graceful & Pure for female characters
3. Item Bag (7x6) has been added.
    - It can be purchased from the general shops in every town.
4. Disconnection bug using font size script has been fixed.
5. More translation script has been added to Magic Mastery Skill description.
6. Other minor bugs has been fixed.


Thank you for playing Mabinogi.


- Mabinogi Staff -