Generation 2 Season 1 Update List

ANNOUNCE 5/14/2008 5:04:14 PM

Hello Mabinogians,

Following is the list of updates in G2S1 patch:

I. The Generation 2 Mainstream Quests
   - You must be a subscriber of one of 4 premium services in order to receive Mainstream Quests.
II. New Area
   - Emain Macha
   - Ceo Island
   - More than 20 NPCs added including Price who appears randomly all over Erinn
IV. New Dungeons added
   - Math Dungeon (Up to Advanced Level)
   - Runda Dungeon (Up to Advanced Level)
   - Coill Dungeon
V. New Skills added
   - Spirit of Order: Will transform your character into Paladin. Can be achieved at the end of G2 Mainstream Quests.
   - Fire Ball: Some requirements must be accomplished in order to learn this skill.
   - Arrow Revolver: Some requirements must be accomplished in order to learn this skill.
VI. More Titles added
VII. New Armors and Weapons
   - Wands (Ice/Lightning/Fire/Attack)
   - Bipennis
   - Mace
   - Gladius
   - Leather Long Bow
   - Hetero Kite Shield
VIII. More Premium Character Card Styles
   - Female Hairstyles: 14 more
   - Male Hairstyles: 11 more
   - Eye Shape: 4 more
   - Mouth Shape: 4 more

Thank you for playing Mabinogi and enjoy the G2S1 update.

- Mabinogi Staff -