Mabinogi Easter Egg Hunt!

EVENTS 3/25/2013 1:41:08 PM

We're starting Easter early in Erinn! From March 25th to April 9th log into Mabinogi and you’ll be asked to speak to either Duncan in Tir Chonaill, Glenis in Dunbarton, or Enu at the Tara Trading Post. Any one of these NPCs will give you an Egg Basket once each real-life day, which takes 30 eggs to fill up. Once you have your basket, hunt down the Max Rabbit Family and hit them with the Egg Basket to collect eggs! Every hour, in real time, the Max Rabbit Family will spawn in Dunbarton, Tir Chonaill, and Tara. Once you’ve collected 30 eggs, return to one of the three NPCs to complete the daily quest and receive an Incomplete Easter Gift Box, 5k EXP, and 3k gold. After you collect 10 Incomplete Easter Gift Boxes you can trade it in to receive an Easter Egg Gift Box!

Prizes include:

• Easter Bunny Dolls
• Egg Gloves
• AP Potions for 30~50 AP
• Perfect Skill Reset Capsules
• Upgrade Stones
• Dual Enchant Scrolls such as “Windy White Horse” and “Basic Avenger”

Happy Easter from the Mabinogi Team!