Monster Summoning Urn Returns

EVENTS 1/13/2014 6:00:56 PM
Everyone's favorite gachapon is back, the classic 2 for 1 Monster Summoning Urn. 

Everyone likes getting great items, but aren't those ordinary gachapons kinda boring? Wouldn't if be cooler if a terrifying monster leapt out too? With the Monster Summoning Urn, you get a fantastic prize AND a monster, just to keep you on your toes. Defeat your foe for additional loot, and of course, glory

Tip: For even MOAR glory, open the Monster Summong Urn when you've got a big crowd gathered, so they can cheer you on as you pummel your enemy into oblivion.

Amidst a vast array of entertaining enemies, you can find prestigious pieces of Royal Prince and Royal Princess armor hidden within the urn, along with an assortment of sassy costumes, gestures and more. 

 Act now, because this special item is only available from January 15th until January 28th