Crystallite Collecting

ANNOUNCE 8/18/2014 10:00:00 AM
Curses! Kirito has destroyed Lisbeth's prized sword! He'll need a storehouse-worth of Crystallite for her to make a new one... problem is, Crystallite is carefully guarded by the White Dragon. It's a dangerous mission and Lisbeth isn't feeling up to the task- so it's up to you to take her place and collect Crystallite while Kirito distracts the dragon!

Ultimate Anime Summer!

The first time you complete the event, you'll receive the Crystallite Blacksmith 2nd Title in addition to the standard rewards.

Event Dates:
Wednesday, Aug. 20 - Tuesday, Sept. 9 (3 weeks)

Event Details:
  • Talk to Lisbeth next to Nerys at Dunbarton's Weapon Shop once per day to learn how you can help Kirito gather Crystallite.
  • Meet Kirito where he's battling the White Dragon.
  • Let Kirito take on the dragon - you focus on collecting up Crystallite as it drops
  • Look out for ogre-like beasts that will spawn and attack you during the event
  • Collect 30 Complete Crystallite and redeem them to Lisbeth for Lisbeth's Gift Box