Dungeon Capture

ANNOUNCE 8/13/2014 9:00:00 AM
We've still got a long way to go, but the whole server is working to map out Mabinogi's dungeons and discover a way to beat this game! When you redeem map pieces from Alby, Math, Fiodh and Peaca to the Dungeon Informants, you'll contribute to the server-wide effort and earn Zone Tickets toward special rewards.

Ultimate Anime Summer!

Load up on Zone Tickets and shop through a variety of cool Sword Art Online 2nd titles, character themed gear, and more!

Event Dates:
Wednesday, Aug. 13 - Tuesday, Sept. 9 (4 weeks)

Event Details:
  • Meet the Divine Dragon Alliance to and learn about how you can help map out the strange new dungeon zones located in the Alby, Math, Fiodh and Peaca dungeons.
  • As you capture dungeon zones, you'll earn combo card pieces and map pieces. Map pieces can be given to the Server Administrator for Zone Tickets, which can be redeemed in a special shop for unique items.
  • Subsequent Dungeon Zones will not open until the entire server exchanges enough map pieces. Check in-game announcements to stay up to date on the server's progress.
  • Complete all the dungeon zones to unmask the true culprit behind this mystery.