[Update] 7th Anniversary Assorted Gift Set

ANNOUNCE 3/18/2015 9:00:00 AM

Update: Wishing for more time from the sale? We've extended this sale until Apr. 28!

Seven Years of memories have been had, and we're as happy, and excited, as you are for many more! Enjoy the 7th Anniversary Assorted Gift Set and obtain lots of exclusive goodies all at once! You must be quick, this limited time sale features items that you will not find in the cash shop again!

7th Anniversary Assorted Gift Set

Sale Dates: Wednesday, Mar. 18 - Tuesday, Apr. 28

7th Anniversary Assorted Gift Set
    Price: 12,900 NX

When you open the 7th Anniversary Assorted Gift Set you'll receive the following items:
Nao's Cheerful Chest Details
Nao's Cheerful Chest will reward you daily with a new item! You'll be randomly gifted one of the following:
  • Nao Soul Stone
  • Fixed Dye Ampoule Set
  • Name/Chat Color Change Potion
  • Unrestricted Dungeon Pass
  • Age Potion - Age 10
  • Double Life Skill EXP Potion
  • Sharp Arrow Bundle (1,000)
  • Sharp Bolt Bundle (1,000)
  • Dragon Knight's Potion
  • Waxen Wing of the Goddess
  • Dungeon Wax Wings
  • Emergency Escape Ice B
  • Special Tendering Potion S

Note: These items are exclusive to this limited edition 7th Anniversary Assorted Gift Set! Take advantage of this sale to obtain some of the best items in Mabinogi!