Mabinogi Renovation: Magic Preview!

ANNOUNCE 5/14/2015 10:00:00 AM

Become spellbound with Mabinogi Renovation: Magic, the sequel to a series of updates that enhance the way you play Mabinogi. Experience familiar spells reborn into powerful incantations, quickly learn new spells to inspire you on your adventures through Erinn and invoke the the blessings of the Goddess with staves and wands enchanted by her divine touch. Prepare to be the master of the elements, with Mabinogi Renovation: Magic!


Intelligence and Mana are a Mage's most valuable resource, and a renewed sense of inspiration will ensure endurance in spell-casting. Command the elements as you see fit to either shock your enemies, freeze them in their tracks or take them out in a blaze of glory.


Choose from a selection of weapons imbued with ancient Celtic magic, the perfect conduit for potent wizardry. Also available with this new arsenal of weapons are mystical enchants that will increase Mana and effectiveness of your spells, plus reduce the cost of your incantations.

Weave your spells with unimaginable power! Mabinogi Renovation: Magic will cast its charms in May!