Nexon Player Appreciation Event

ANNOUNCE 11/10/2015 3:00:00 PM

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and we wanted to give thanks to all of our players by holding a special Player Appreciation Event. With this event we want to show all of our loyal Nexon players how much we appreciate their support by giving out some free items across all of our Nexon America games including Mabinogi!

We have three events for our Milletans popping up over the next few weeks and lasting until the middle of December, including a massive sale, a great way to double your weekday EXP gains and three big giveaways during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Consumable Discount Sale

Event Dates: Thursday, Nov. 12 -  Tuesday, Nov 24

We're slashing prices in half on the vast majority of our Consumable items. Over a hundred items are getting the 50% discount and you'll be able to check out the full list of items in the Mabinogi Web Shop or in-game once the sale goes live!

Soul Essence Event

Event Dates: Wednesday, Nov. 18 - Tuesday, Dec. 15

How to Participate
  • Speak to Royal Alchemy Researcher, he’s located in Dunbarton next to Lorna
  • Help Royal Alchemy Researcher collect Soul Essence for his research
  • To collect Soul Essence, keep the Soul Essence Bottle in your inventory and accumulate EXP by defeating monsters during the weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  • On the weekends (Saturday – Sunday) the collected Soul Essence can be absorbed as EXP! Essentially earning you twice the experience!

Note: The Soul Essence bottle will only function during the event. Any Soul Essence accumulated during the week must be absorbed on the weekend. If the Soul Essence is not absorbed during the weekend, it will be lost.

Thanksgiving Hot Day Events

Event Dates:
  • Hot Day 1: Thursday, Nov. 26
  • Hot Day 2: Friday, Nov. 27
  • Hot Day 3: Monday, Nov. 30

How to Participate
  • Login during the Thanksgiving Weekend to get free gifts.
  • Hot Day 1: Trendsetter's Gachapon- a new gachapon that will give you a chance to obtain a brand new monochromatic dye pack!
  • Hot Day 2: Cherish Me Box - a new gachapon that will give you a chance to obtain some new sleepwear!
  • Hot Day 3: Erinn Beauty Box - an amazing gachapon box that gives you three items! Obtain a random Appearance Item, a random Eye Beauty Coupon, and a Random Mouth or Face Beauty Coupon!

Nexon America’s Player Appreciation Event is taking place across all of our games, giving you an opportunity to get FREE items in all  your favorite Nexon games. Click on any of the games below for details on their respective Player Appreciation Event!

Atlantica Online Dirty Bomb Dragon Nest Maplestory Vindictus

*Limit 1 free gift package per game, per event-registered account. Limited time event; game-specific event times vary. Click the links above for details about each game’s event. Only available to accounts in good standing. Nexon America’s computers will be the official time-keeping devices. All times will be in Pacific Daylight Time. Please allow up to four (4) weeks for the free gift package to be distributed to all confirmed registrants after the close of all events.