[UPDATED] Elements of Erinn Events

ANNOUNCE 9/2/2016 3:10:28 PM

September is here, and the season are begins to shift to the cooler months of Autumn. As we work our way through September, we're going to be celebrating the seasons along with you, with a series of events including Reforging, Fishing and special meet-ups with the Mabinogi team to boot. Check out all the details below!

Table of Contents

  • Manus Potion Fishing Event: The return of this classic Fishing event, claim some extraordinarily fishy rewards with an event-only special bait! (Wednesday, September 7th - Wednesday, September 14th)
  • Reforging Time Event: Reforging time is back! Get a bonus to your Reforges with some very special tools... (Friday, September 9th - Sunday, September 11th)
  • Special Upgrade Event: Get your equipment into top shape without fear with this limited time bonus! (Saturday, September 17th - Sunday, September 18th)
  • Player's Choice Buff: A special bonus, all weekend... chosen by your fellow Milletians! Enjoy triple Monster EXP and AP all weekend! (Friday, September 23rd - Sunday, September 25th)
  • Elemental GM Events: Meet up with the GM's in locations across Erinn for special activities! (Every Thursday in September)

Manus Potion Fishing Event

Time to grab your rods and head for the water! The Elements of Erinn Event brings back the classic Manus Potion Fishing Event, with a great breadth of rewards if you're lucky enough to fish them up from the watery depths!

Check out the Manus Potion Fishing Event post for full details!

Reforge Time Event

The Elements of Erinn Event brings back the Reforge Time Event and Sale! Grab a Refined Reforge Tool PLUS and get hammering on your favorite item for the best stats possible and a greater chance at a higher rank this weekend! We're also putting the Fine and Credne's Reforging Tools on sale this weekend for 30% off, so take advantage while you can!

Check out the Elements of Erinn Reforge Time Event post for full details!

Special Upgrade Event

Event Dates: 12:00 AM PDT Saturday, Sept. 17 - 11:59 PM PDT Sunday, Sept. 18

Event Details:

  • Enhancement failures between +1 and +5 will not result in a rank reset
  • Note: Enhancement failures at +6 or higher are not protected by this event

Player's Choice Buff Event - Winner: Monster and AP Buff!

Event Dates: 12:00 AM PDT Friday, Sept. 23 - 11:59 PM PDT Sunday, Sept. 25

Event Details:

  • Monster and AP Buff
    • 3x Monster EXP
    • 3x AP

Elemental GM Events

Server and Channel Date 1st Appearance 2nd Appearance
Tarlach Ch. 3
Thursday, September 8th 11 AM - 12 PM PDT 5 PM - 6 PM PDT
Ruairi Ch. 3
Thursday, September 15th 11 AM - 12 PM PDT 5 PM - 6 PM PDT
Mari Ch. 3
Thursday, September 22nd 11 AM - 12 PM PDT 5 PM - 6 PM PDT
Alexina Ch. 3 and 6
Thursday, September 29th 11 AM - 12 PM PDT 5 PM - 6 PM PDT

Note: All times PDT (UTC-7)

Event Locations

Air: Tarlach Ch. 3, Thursday, September 8th

Longa Dessert: Over the Oasis

Earth: Ruairi Ch. 3, Thursday, September 15th

Calida Lake: South of the Moon Gate

Water: Mari Ch. 3, Thursday, September 22nd

Erkey Falls: South of the Waterfall

Fire: Alexina Ch. 3 and 6, Thursday, September 29th

Raspa Volcano: North of the Volcano

Event Details

  • Log on to your server at the date and time shown in the above schedule.
  • Meet up with the GM's at the noted location
  • Bring your friends, chat with our GM's and join in with whatever insanity they have in mind!