The Tale of the Scariest Little Ghost

ANNOUNCE 10/13/2016 12:00:00 AM

Wednesday, October 13 - Wednesday, November 9

Near a mysterious, run down house on the outskirts of Tir Chonaill, a sweet, kind little ghost has appeared. Bullied by his spectral brothers and unable to frighten a mouse, Alfie the Ghost wants nothing more than to be as terrifying as he can... and for his fellow spirits to become his friends too. Join Alfie, Kyle, Colton and William for this Global Premier Event in the world of Mabinogi!

Event Details

  • Upon logging into Mabinogi, you'll receive the quest "A Suspicious Sighting"
  • Once you have the quest, find Nora in Tir Chonaill to start the quest chain
  • You will need to Register a character for the event, and only one character per account can be Registered
  • Help Alfie the Little Ghost through the quests, but be careful how you do it: How you interact with Alfie and his brothers will determine how the story plays out...
  • Gain Old Coins with each quest you complete for a wide variety of prizes
  • Fill the Little Ghost's Story Book by experiencing every branch of the story and get a Ghostly Robe costume as a reward!
  • You can begin the event once per day, giving you another chance at getting the best ending possible... and remember what went wrong last time.

Cast of Characters

Alfie, the Little Ghost

Formerly a twelve year old boy, Alfie is a cheerful, friendly little spirit, scared at times but brave as well. He might not be the scairest ghost out there, but if he can find his memories he can take his human form and become a full ghost, as scary as can be!


The oldest of the ghosts at eighteen, Kyle was a proud, arrogant man once, his family in life being beyond wealthy. He may not be an easy man to get to open up, but there's still some warmth to be found behind those eyes.


Formerly a seventeen year old child laborer, Colton isn't a particularly earnest young man. Pessimism has taken root in him, possibly aided by his untimely demise... but beneath Colton's demure nature, he holds tight to a grudge against young Alfie...


A calm, intellectual sixteen year old, William's family was on the rise before tragedy struck. They might not have shown him the same attention his older siblings saw, but William's time at boarding school could have set him up for life.

Event Rewards

Visit the Shady Scarecrow to reap the rewards from the Old Coins you earned while questing!

  • 300 Old Coins: Little Ghost Whistle, letting you summon Alfie as a friendly little helper!
  • 100 Old Coins: Colton Hunting Outfit (M/F)
  • 50 Old Coins: Colton Hunting Boots (M/F)
  • 100 Old Coins: Kyle Formal Outfit (M/F)
  • 50 Old Coins: Kyle Formal Boots (M/F)
  • 100 Old Coins: William Preppy Outfit (M/F)
  • 50 Old Coins: William Preppy Boots (M/F)
  • 5 Old Coins: Creepy Gift Box

Creepy Gift Box Contents
Each Creepy Gift Box contains a random item from the following list:

  • Little Ghost Whistle, letting you summon Alfie as a friendly little helper!
  • Colton Hunting Outfit (M/F)
  • Colton Hunting Boots (M/F)
  • Kyle Formal Outfit (M/F)
  • Kyle Formal Boots (M/F)
  • William Preppy Outfit (M/F)
  • William Preppy Boots (M/F)
  • Ghost Bomber Balloon (x5)
  • Old Junk
  • Giant Stone Statue
  • Haunted House
  • Eggplant Seed
  • Homestead Strawberry Seed
  • Homestead Pumpkin Seed
  • Homestead Cabbage Seed
  • Homestead Tomato Seed
  • Party Phoenix Feather (Event) (7 Days)
  • Name/Chat Color Change Potion (Event) (7 days)
  • Special High Speed Gathering Potion (Event) (7 days)
  • Speed Walk Potion 40% (10 min) (Event) (7 days)
  • HP Buff Potion (Event) (7 days)
  • MP Buff Potion (Event) (7 days)
  • Stamina Buff Potion (Event) (7 days)
  • Protection/DEF Buff Potion (Event) (7 days)
  • Special Tendering Potion (Event) (7 days)
  • Special Tendering Potion S (Event) (7 Days)
  • Production Failure Potion (Event) (7 Days)
  • Potion of Proficiency (Event) (7 days)
  • HP 50/100/300 Potions (x5)
  • MP 50/100/300 Potion (x5)
  • Stamina 50/100/300 Potion (x5)
  • HP & MP 30/100/300 Potion (x5)
  • HP & Stamina 30/50/100/300 Potion (x5)
  • HP 300 Potion SE (x5)
  • MP 300 Potion SE (x5)
  • Stamina 300 Potion SE (x5)
  • Wound Remedy 300 Potion SE (x5)