The Wishbone Shop and More!

ANNOUNCE 11/10/2016 12:00:00 AM

UPDATE: We've been hearing your feedback and we're moving forward to make the Wishbone Shop even better for everyone involved by greatly boosting the number of Wishbones available! We've increased the number of Wishbones you'll receive from Wishbone Hot Days, giving you up to 64 more Wishbones total, and we've boosted the number of Wishbones earned by completing Bug Catching quests to 5!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in America, and Mabinogi is getting into the spirit with a brand new, Nexon America exclusive Wishbone Exchange Event! Collect Wishbones through events and sales throughout the month of November and take them to the brand new Wishbone Messenger to purchase special outfits, training seals, unique gachapons and even a Permanent Tail Box!

Table of Contents

Wishbone Shop Contents

Event Dates: Thursday, Nov. 10 - Tuesday, Dec. 6

Whether you get the Wishbones from the Bug Catching Event, the Hot Weekends or from the Tail Gachapon or Packages, take them to NPC Wishbone Messenger in Dunbarton and exchange them for a variety of prizes!
  • 830x Wishbones: Permanent Tail Box
    • Always contains a random Permanent Tail!
  • 200x Wishbones: Tail Gachapon
  • 110x Wishbones: Wishbone Gachapon

  • 300x Wishbones: Credne's Reforging Tool
  • 100x Wishbones: Fine Reforging Tool
  • 60x Wishbones: Commerce Reforging Tool

  • 150x Wishbones: Pilgrim Robe (Male or Female)
  • 150x Wishbones: Oriental Robe
  • 100x Wishbones: Traditional Plateau Tribal Costume (Male or Female)
  • 100x Wishbones: Pilgrim Costume (Male or Female)
  • 60x Wishbones: Traditional Plateau Tribal Shoes (Male or Female)
  • 60x Wishbones: Traditional Plateau Tribal Hat (Male or Female)
  • 60x Wishbones: Pilgrim Hat (Male or Female)

  • 150x Wishbones: Chicken Family Mini-Gem
  • 132x Wishbones: Skill Training Seal (15)
  • 66x Wishbones: Skill Training Seal (5)
  • 14x Wishbones: Roasted Turkey

Wishbone Gachapon
Each Wishbone Gachapon contains one of the following items, selected randomly:

  • Sturdy Ox Armor (M)
  • Sturdy Ox Armor (F)
  • Elegant Celtic Armor (M)
  • Elegant Celtic Armor (F)
  • Elegant Celtic Gloves (F)
  • Elegant Celtic Shoes (M)
  • Elegant Celtic Shoes (F)
  • Sturdy Ox Gauntlets (M)
  • Sturdy Ox Gauntlets (F)
  • Sturdy Ox Boots (M)
  • Sturdy Ox Boots (F)
  • Sturdy Ox Horn Helm (M/F)
  • Assorted 2nd Title Coupons
  • Assorted Training Potions

Note: All Wishbones will be deleted when the Wishbone Event ends.

Wishbone Bug Catching Event

Event Dates: Thursday, Nov. 10 - Tuesday, Dec. 6

Event Details:

  • Find Caravan Joe the Insect Collector in Dunbarton to register a main character for the event and gain the quest "The Bug Harvest Event"
  • Caravan Joe will give you Wood Chips that can be used to catch bugs from logs across Erinn, up to 15 per day
  • Caravan Joe will also hand out 7 daily quests, challenging you to return specific bugs to him
  • Every completed quest will give you a variety of rewards, including 5 Wishbones
  • Each bug you find will be logged in your Insect Book, fill it up to claim the Insect Collector Gesture Card, giving you a brand new gesture!
  • Some bugs are more rare than others. Search for them on specific days, or trade 5 common bugs to Caravan Joe to get one of his rare bugs!

Wishbone Hot Days

Hot Day Rewards:

  • Saturday, Nov. 12: 2x Wishbones
  • Sunday, Nov. 13: 2x Wishbones

  • Saturday, Nov. 19: 2x Wishbones
  • Sunday, Nov. 20: 2x Wishbones

  • Wednesday, Nov. 23: 4x Wishbones
  • Thursday, Nov. 24: 4x Wishbones
  • Friday, Nov. 25: 8x Wishbones
  • Saturday, Nov. 26: 8x Wishbones
  • Sunday, Nov. 27: 8x Wishbones

  • Monday, Nov. 28: 4x Wishbones
  • Tuesday, Nov. 29: 4x Wishbones
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30: 4x Wishbones
  • Thursday, Dec. 1: 4x Wishbones
  • Friday, Dec. 2: 8x Wishbones
  • Saturday, Dec. 3: 8x Wishbones
  • Sunday, Dec. 4: 8x Wishbones