Memento Weekend Giveaway Event!

EVENTS 6/23/2017 5:03:02 PM

We've noticed many players love the new update, Memento, so that's why we're bringing a special Memento Weekend Giveaway Event! This gives you the chance to earn some cool prizes, just by completing the new dungeon, Sidhe Finnechaid, and by logging in on the weekend.

Memento Weekend Giveaway Event

Event Dates: Saturday, June 24 - Sunday, June 25 and Saturday, July 1 - Sunday, July 2.

Event Details:

  • Login to Mabinogi with a character above level 30 for 1 in-game day (36 minutes) to be entered in a giveaway.
  • 10 players from each server will be mailed the reward in-game on the following Monday

Login Event Rewards:

  • 5 Fine Reforging Tools

Sidhe Finnechaid Dungeon Clear Event

Event Details:

  • Login on the following June and July Weekend days and complete Sidhe Finnechaid on any difficulty to be entered in a random giveaway:
    • Saturday, Jun. 24
    • Sunday, Jun. 25
    • Saturday, Jul. 1
    • Sunday, Jul. 2
  • Prizes will be mailed to the winner on the following Monday.
  • Winners will be announced on the Mabinogi Forums!