Recovery of an MMO Junkie x Mabinogi

ANNOUNCE 10/12/2017 12:57:38 PM

Dress up like Lily and Hayashi from the new anime, Recovery of an MMO Junkie! The Recovery of an MMO Junkie Box has many goodies for you to get, like Lily’s Winter Knight Outfit, Hayashi’s Vanguard Outfit, and more! If that doesn’t suit your fancy, then enjoy Mabinogi-ception with Moriko’s PC Desk where your character plays Mabinogi. Get your box today!

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Box

Sale Dates: Thursday, November 9- Wednesday, December 13

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Box (1)
Recovery of an MMO Junkie Box (11)
Recovery of an MMO Junkie Box (25)
    Price: 1,500 NX
    Price: 15,000 NX
    Price: 30,000 NX


New Items:

Each Recovery of an MMO Junkie Box will contain an untradable/nontransferable Golden Experience Fruit(300%). Due to this, please be sure to open the boxes on the desired character.

The Couple's Magic Knight Officer Suit will give a special effect when you join another person's party that is also wearing a Couple's Magic Knight Officer Suit.

Other rewards:

  • Wave Sweeper
  • Uaithne
  • Goblet of Truth
  • Royal Academy Gym Teacher Outfit (M)
  • Chillin' Urban Outfit (F)
  • Bright Student (M)
  • Urban Wig (F)
  • Laighlinne Eye Patch and Wig
  • Playful Bunny Corselet
  • Playful Laced Corselet
  • Bunny Boxer Robe
  • Frilly Ribbon Bustier
  • Plaid Babydoll Negligee
  • Floral Fairy Outfit (F)
  • Ruffled Halter Slipdress
  • Floral Fairy Outfit (M)
  • Winter Princess Dress
  • Winter Prince Suit
  • Frilly Ribbon Corset
  • Crystal Hammer of Durability
  • Enchant Training Potion
  • Twin Horn Cap (Enchant: Thin and Uncomfortable)
  • Pirate Captain Suit (Enchant: Raccoon Cub)
  • Fluted Gauntlet (Enchant: Small and Damaging)
  • Long Greaves (Enchant: Vicious and Inconvenient)
  • Chillin' Urban Outfit (M)
  • Chillin' Urban Cap
  • Platinum Hammer of Durability
  • Royal Academy Assistant Teacher Outfit (F)
  • Royal Academy Home Ec Teacher Outfit (F)
  • Brilluen Wig (M)

  • Macaron Mistress Wig
  • Count Cookie Wig
  • Urban Wig (M)
  • Men's Relaxed Wear
  • Playful Bunny Headband
  • Chillin' Urban Boots (F)
  • Brass Grandmaster Certificate
  • Healing Training Potion
  • Party Healing Training Potion
  • Royal Academy Math Teacher Outfit (M)
  • Floral Fairy Shoes (F)
  • Chillin' Urban Shoes (M)
  • Assistant Teacher Jeweled Wristwatch
  • Rusty Hammer of Proficiency
  • Direct Dye Ampoule
  • Direct Magical Instrument Dye
  • Direct Pet Dye Ampoule
  • Blaze Training Potion
  • Potent Finest Shadow Crystal (Tradable)
  • Synthesis Training Potion
  • Mana Crystallization Training Potion
  • Metal Conversion Training Potion
  • Windmill Training Potion
  • Pan's Special Gold Coin Box
  • Lorna's Special Gold Coin Box
  • Icebolt Training Potion

  • Firebolt Training Potion
  • Lightning Bolt Training Potion
  • Fireball Training Potion
  • Thunder Training Potion
  • Ice Spear Training Potion
  • Floral Fairy Sandals (M)
  • Floral Fairy Earrings (Human, Giant/M)
  • Floral Fairy Hair Accessory (F)
  • Floral Fairy Earrings (Elf/M)
  • Winter Prince Gloves
  • Winter Princess Bracelet
  • Winter Prince Shoes
  • Winter Princess Boots
  • Winter Prince Wreath
  • Winter Princess Coronet
  • Math Teacher Wristwatch
  • Gym Teacher Sneakers
  • Gym Teacher Leather Bracelet
  • Math Teacher Shoes
  • Assistant Teacher Ribbon Shoes
  • Home Ec Teacher Bracelet
  • Home Ec Teacher Shoes
  • Lorna's Gold Box
  • Pan's Gold Box
  • Refining Training Potion
  • Heat Buster Training Potion
  • Double Life Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Double Magic Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Double Combat Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Double Music Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Double Alchemy Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Double Fighter Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Double Dual Gun Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Double Puppeteer Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)
  • Double Ninja Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)