Patch Notes - January 11th 2018

ANNOUNCE 1/9/2018 2:43:16 PM

It's that time again for our Monthly Patch Notes. Check out what was changed!

The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

  • Master Plan Event
  • Sealed Chain Box
  • Baltane Elite Mode
  • Baltane Mission Elite Pass Box Hot Days
  • Shy's Star Shop Promotion
  • Huge Lucky Finish Event
  • The following functionality issues have been fixed:

  • - Fixed the issue that if a player has 2 different Falias Artifact for the same stat, the highest option will be applied
  • - Fixed the issue where the cool down decrease effect of Control Marionette was not being applied
  • - Giants now use a different scaling logic when using the pet sled
  • - Doll bag’s doll can collect the person-restricted item if it is restricted to the master of the doll
  • The following graphical issues have been fixed:
  • - Fixed the issue where hands would disappear after using a transformation skill while wearing the Duffel Coat outfit
  • - Fixed the bug that a user couldn’t see the ice mine that was installed by the player character
  • The following text issues have been fixed:
  • - The new enchant “Crescent Moon” that was released with the Chain Slash update, has been renamed to “Heavenly”
  • - Fixed an issue in Eiren’s dialogue where she forgot to say a word to complete the sentence correctly
  • - Holiday Cakes now have an updated description that will tell you when you are able to send the cakes to other players
  • - Korean text will no longer appear when trying to send someone a Holiday Cake
  • - Bachram is no longer misspelled in the Grandmaster Quest
  • - Bachram is no longer misspelled in the title “Bachram Explosion Master”