Weekend Hot Days

ANNOUNCE 5/3/2018 10:00:00 AM

It's that time again for some weekend Hot Days! Log in each weekend for some awesome prizes. Check out the full details here!

Weekend Hot Days

Event Details:

  • Must stay logged in for 36 minutes to receive the rewards.
  • Character must be level 30 or above to participate.

Event Days:

Log in each day between 12 AM - 11:59 PM PDT.
  • (Sat.) May 5th: 10 Pon
  • (Sun.) May 6th: 10 AP Potion
  • (Sat.) May 12th: Meditation Potion (Strong)
  • (Sun.) May 13th: 10 AP Potion
  • (Sat.) May 19th: Skill Training Seal (50)(Event)
  • (Sun.) May 20th: 10 AP Potion
  • (Sat.) May 26th: Support Puppet (30 Days) Box
  • (Sun.) May 27th: 10 AP Potion
  • (Sat.) June 2nd: Commerce Reforging Tool (Event)(15 Days)
  • (Sun.) June 3rd: 10 AP Potion

Support Puppet (30 Days) Box Details:

  • The box will expire after 15 days.
  • The box will give one of the Support Puppets below:
    • Morrighan Support Puppet (30 Days)
    • Neamhain Support Puppet (30 Days)
    • Cichol Support Puppet (30 Days)
    • Macha Support Puppet (30 Days)
  • You cannot use a Permanent Coupon on these Support Puppets.