[Announcement] Regarding the Forest Ranger Weapons

ANNOUNCE 12/19/2019 6:08:36 PM

Hello Milletians,

The development team and Nexon America acknowledges that this mistake should not have happened and we want to offer our sincere and humble apologies. We understand that these items are highly valuable and are truly sorry for any confusion that the unintended special upgrade effect has caused to the game and balance. We do have a policy of Quality Assurance that normally prevents such bugs from happening.

After finding the mistake we decided that the unintended feature would be too critical as the items powers would inevitably harm the gameplay balance. Since the upgrade effects were not intended, we had to act swiftly to prevent more weapons from entering the servers. As we stated on our maintenance notes, anyone who currently has a Forest Ranger Long Bow or Two-Handed Sword will receive the same item with all the original stats but without any special upgrades.

Additionally, anyone who currently had one of the weapons prior to Tuesday's 12/17 maintenance will be receiving a Trade Unlock Potion and 10 Fine Reforging Tools so please check your character's mailboxes. Anyone who specially upgraded the weapons will be receiving Lucky Upgrade Stones equivalent to the level that they special upgraded the weapon to. For anyone who special upgraded to level 6 or 7 the upgrade stones used were mailed to each character by the GM Team.

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support of Mabinogi.

-The Mabinogi Team