Paid Name Change

ANNOUNCE 1/14/2020 6:18:06 PM

Our paid name change service is finally here! Have you been waiting to change your name ever since you first created your character? Maybe you forgot to capitalize the first letter of your name or you misspelled your name? Now you can change your character's name! Check out the details below.

Sale Dates: Permanent

Character Name Change Coupon
    Price: 10,000 NX

Paid Name Change Details

  • Name changes will only be processed during weekly maintenances.
  • Each character on your account can only change their name up to 5 times total (this includes any free name changes you may have used on the character).
  • Once a Character Name Change Coupon is purchased, the available name change is credited to the account.
    • You will not receive a Character Name Change Coupon item in-game.
  • To be eligible for a name change, the character must be cumulative level 30 or above.
  • The character’s Cash Shop Inventory must be emptied before requesting a name change.
  • Character Name Change Coupon can be used once to change a character's name.
    • Pets or partners cannot have their name changed using this coupon.
  • After changing a character’s name, you must wait 1 month before being able to change it again.
  • To submit a name change for a character, visit the Name Change submission page to use available name changes.

Check out the Paid Name Change Page for more information on the Paid Name Change limitations, warnings, and affected features.