Introducing the Art Corner!

ANNOUNCE 5/29/2020 7:27:48 PM

Calling all artists! Pick up your pens, brushes, and styluses because we're kicking off Mabinogi's very first Art Corner!

What is Art Corner?

This is a monthly showcase of our wonderfully talented and creative community members! You've put your passion and hard work into producing awesome works of art and we want to give you the attention you so deserve. Once monthly, we will showcase up to 10 members of Mabinogi's art community for all to admire! Artists may provide links to their social sites and portfolios as well so that you can follow them on those platforms if you so choose.

How do I participate?

All you need to do is fill out this form! A few days before the next Art Corner is due to post, we'll review all of the submissions and select from them, giving you at least one full month to prepare something! You can edit your submission at any time until we go through them.

What forms of media are accepted?

Most image formats! Regardless of if it's a digital illustration or a photo of something you created or drew in real life, we'll accept it. We do not accept music or .mp4s for the Art Corner however!

How often are you doing this?

This is a recurring community event until further notice.

How will you pick who is featured?

We'll have a group of unbiased curators go through the submissions. This is not a contest of who is subjectively better or worse at drawing. If someone enters a submission and hasn't been featured before, they will be selected over someone that has already been featured in the past.

Do I need to provide social links?

You do not. If you don't have a Twitter, Instagram, ArtStation, or any of those things, that's perfectly fine.

Do I get anything for being featured?

In addition to recognition for your diligent efforts, we'll provide the following to each selected artist:
  • If it's your first time being featured: 1st Title 'the Gifted Artist' (Permanent)
  • If it's your second or more time being featured: 50 Pon