Erinn Weekly -- August 5, 2011

ANNOUNCE 8/5/2011 12:00:00 AM

Dunbarton Adventurer's Association, August 5, 2011

Greeting Mabinogians!

This week, some delightfully mad events have come to Mabinogi. First you must bring the rain in the Mugwort Leaf Event.Then you can use your L-Rods to search for treasure. Gather your friends and don your Alice and Wonderland gear to throw the best unbirthday party ever seen in Erinn! Snap a screenshot of the soiree for your chance to win in the Very Mad Tea Party event.  The Puzzlemaster is back for all of August, with four new events to keep you busy! Finally see what your fellow Mabinogians are saying about Sabina's birthday in the Question of the Week. Stick with Erinn Weekly for all the details of the week's events.


Iria Treasure Hunt Event! 8/5 - 87


When the Mabinogi servers return online after maintenance, the Iria Treasure Hunt Event will kick off! Pick up some L-Rods and start searching the Maiz Prairie for buried treasure! L-Rods may be obtained from a few NPCs, but they are most readily available when speaking to Alexina.

Getting warmer!

Dog days of summer - 40% off select dogs


We are now in the midst of the dog days of summer, that hot and humid month of August, so it's only fitting that we throw our players a bone and put a few of our faithful Mabinogi canines up for sale! At a staggering 40% off, these hounds are sure to prove why they're man's best friend! The Malamute, Borzoi, and Afghan Hound will be on sale between August 3rd and August 9th. Next week will feature a new trio of hounds on sale. Stay tuned!

A Mabinogian's best friend!

Greetings from Port Cobh!

Have you had the chance to visit the sleepy sea-side village of Port Cobh since the July 19th update? There’s plenty of part time jobs and other sights in the area to keep you busy for quite some time. From Collection Journals, new character customizing features like eyes and hair, there’s plenty in the recent update to explore!

Drop anchor!


Last Chance to Go Down The Rabbit Hole to Wonderland!

Get in the style of literature with Lewis Carroll's most famous story, Alice in Wonderland! From July 20th to August 9th, Wonderland Character Cards will be on sale! Female characters can take on the look of Alice, complete with a hair bow, bow shoes, and an apron dress. Male characters get the outfit of the Mad Hatter, including the Hatter's famous 10/6 hat, a dashing teacoat complete with a big poofy bow tie, and a pair of buckle shoes. Both outfits bestow a special "in Wonderland" title as well!

Don't be late for this date!

RAWR! Tiger Cub pets are here!

The Web Shop "Big Cat" reserve is getting two new additions - the Yellow and White Tiger Cubs! Don't let their adorable appearance fool you. These cubs are capable fighters, rivaling the combat prowess of bear pets. These two also come with a special attack called Roar. Use this special skill to stun an enemy and set up a powerful follow-up attack!

Adopt yours today!

Magician Gachapon Are Back - Permanently!

For all you Mabinogians who chose a Mage's Destiny, Magician Gachapon is back and better than ever! Although the previous version of Magician Gachapon was a limited time sale, this renewed Magician Gachapon will be PERMANENT! Read on to see some of the goodies we filled it with!


Go from DRAB to FAB with Color Metal Dyes!


Ever want to dye the metal parts of your armor and weapons in the same vibrant colors as your clothing? Now you can! Color Metal Dye Ampules are now available in the Web Shop! Once you grab your Ampoule, you will be presented with a color roulette. You will have three chances to spin the wheel and select a color. Enjoy even more customization in your Fantasy Life!



The Mugwort Leaf Event

A drought has come to Erinn! The lack of water has caused the leaves of Mugwort plants to wilt. Upon logging in, you will receive a message from Dorren in Taillteann, asking you to bring her a Life Crystal. Use the Life Crystals to generate the rain to revitalize the leaves, allowing you to harvest them and earn a Mugwort Leaf Event Gift Box, full of awesome items!

Rain, rain, come again!

Last Chance: A Very Mad Tea Party

The release of the Alice in Wonderland Character Cards has us all in a curious mood! Complete your adventure down the rabbit hole by gathering your friends and hosting the craziest tea party in all of Erinn, whether it’s your unbirthday or not! Simply take a screenshot of you and your friends having an Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party for your chance at a white Bunny Doll!

Curioser and curioser!

Ongoing: The Puzzlemaster Demands a Rematch!

Impressed with Mabinogians all across Erinn, the Puzzlemaster has returned to Taillteann to once again challenge adventurers. He'll be there the entire month of August, from so get ready to exercise your wit once more! Filled with ghosts, bombs, and zombies, these riddles are no joke!

Gather your wits!

Summertime Rhymes: Mabinogi Limerick Contest Winners

Perhaps because of the warm weather or the relaxing aura in Erinn, the summer seems to have brought out the poet in all of us! We received many clever limericks about the lives of our Mabinogians. Some made us laugh, others made us reflect, but only three could win. Please congratulate our winning poets!

See the winners!

Question of the Week

Mabinogians! August is a particularly special month for Mabinogi as it is Sabina’s birthday! When your real life birthday comes along, how do you celebrate in your Fantasy Life? Do you have any special in-game plans for your next birthday?

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age. - Robert Frost

Here's what some of your fellow Mabinogians had to say:

My birthday is in May. Usually in-game celebration near the river with a bunch of friends. We play music, sit around the fire, and eat delicious food. Then we run Rundal Adv and Peaca raids all night til about 5am in the morning. It's alot of fun and I can't wait til my birthday comes again to do it all over again. Happy birthday Sabina! - Katie Y. 

Go into Peaca and get to a room of red ghosts. Get on mounts. Play fire-dodge-ball. PROFIT. - Luna S. 

For my birthday I plan to run a bunch of guild events and dungeon runs with my guild. I'd much rather see my guild and my friends happy on my birthday and celebrate that way. It makes me happy to see everyone I care about enjoying the day. That would be the best birthday present of all ^^ - Dylan E. 

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