Regarding Panda Gachapon

ANNOUNCE 8/7/2008 11:47:31 AM

Hello Mabinogians,

After today's patch, you will be able to create Panda as a pet with a Panda Animal Character Card. and we have stated on our event notice that you will receive special item in its inventory. We like to make it more clear on how you can receive this special item.

After creating a Panda pet, you may notice that there's an item called Panda Gachapon in Panda's inventory. Please do not panic when you cannot open this Panda Gachapon item because it's not a bug. Here's how you can receive the special item from Panda.

1. Create a Panda as your pet.
2. Log into Mabinogi as the Panda you have just created.
3. Open the inventory and right click on Panda Gachapon item.
4. Click on 'Use' button to receive the spcial item. You will receive either  Panda Paws or Panda Headband.
5. Log out from Panda and log back in as your human character.
6. Summon the Panda and open its inventory.
7. Now, you can transfer the special item to your human character's inventory to equip it.

We hope this notice lessens any confusion and enjoy the new Panda pet.

Thank you for playing Mabinogi.

- Mabinogi Staff -