Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon

ANNOUNCE 8/10/2016 5:00:00 PM

The Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon is the newest dungeon to hit Mabinogi, but it's not for the faint of heart. The most difficult dungeon to grace Mabinogi yet, you'll need the help of good allies, and plenty of skill, in order to survive.

How to Enter

  • Speak to Manus in the Dunbarton Healer's House in order to begin the story and learn more about the horrors within the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon.
  • Enter the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon through the Dunbarton Rabbie Dungeon Lobby while using a Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Pass.
  • Fight with up to three of your friends to battle your way through the dungeon.
  • Those who enter the dungeon will receive Wings of the Goddess (Rabbie Dungeon), which must be used to exit the dungeon upon completion.

Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Mirror World

  • Can only receive the pass through the quest "Reflective Reception"
  • Quest requires a Cumulative Level of 3,000
  • A party of up to 4 players can enter the dungeon.
  • No Revive Limits.
  • Only one pass is consumed per run.

Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon

  • Can only receive the pass through the quest "A Dreamy Story" or by repairing a Mangled Rabbie Dungeon Pass
  • Quest requires a Cumulative Level of 7,000
  • Can only Revive with Phoenix Feathers, Party Phoenix Feathers or Pet First Aid Kit
  • Cannot use Nao Soul Stone, Pon Revival, Balloon Revival or Advanced Phoenix Feathers.
  • Only one pass is consumed per run.

Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Layout

  • 1st Floor: 14 Rooms, all of which must be completed to advance to the 2nd floor.
  • 2nd Floor: 3 Rooms. Complete the first room quickly, or you'll be unable to advance to the powerful bosses that follow!

Dungeon Rewards

Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon

  • From Succubus Fiends:
    • Succubus Fiend Wings
  • From the Succubus Queen:
    • Succubus Queen Full-cover Bodysuit
    • Succubus Queen Half-cover Bodysuit
    • Succubus Queen Minimal Bodysuit
    • Succubus Queen Gloves
    • Succubus Queen Boots
    • Succubus Queen Wings
  • The same rewards listed for the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Mirror World
  • Additional Chance for the Following:
    • Blacksmith Manual -  Soluna Blade
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Mana Conjurer
    • Enchant Scroll: Arc Lich
    • Exlcusive Enchant Scroll: Allegory
    • Enchant Scroll: Sniping
    • Enchant Scroll: Uncomfortable
    • Enchant Scroll: Owl
    • Enchant Scroll: Vigorous
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Knocking
    • Enchant Scroll: Strange
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Frozen
    • Enchant Scroll: Icicle
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Dreamlike
    • Nightmare Guard's Relic
    • Deformed Ring Frame
    • Subtle Mark
    • Firm Blade Fragment
    • Amplified Alchemy Crystal
    • Magical Golden Thread
    • Magic Essence
    • Chaotic Rune
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Apathetic
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Burlesque
    • Enchant Scroll: Arcane
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Absolute
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Foretold
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Backbreaking
    • Awakened Strength Crystal
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Contradicting
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Genius
    • Exclusive Enchant Scroll: Resistance
    • Solite
    • Lunite
    • Fate Fragment
    • Duskblade

New Craftable Weapon - Soluna Sword

A new Sword can be crafted: The Soluna Sword, weilding the power of the Sun and the Moon to destroy your foes! Gather the following items to create this peerless blade:

  • From the Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon:
    • Blacksmith Manual -  Soluna Blade
    • Solite
    • Lunite
    • Fate Fragment
    • Duskblade
  • From the Alban Knights Training Ground:
    • Solite
    • Lunite
    • Fate Fragment
    • Dawnblade

Rabbie Phantasm Dungeon Mirror World

  • Guaranteed One of the Following:
    • Red Upgrade Stone
    • Blue Upgrade Stone
  • Guaranteed One of the Following:
    • Purified White Dust
    • Refined Catalyst
    • Restorative Powder
    • Distortion Powder
  • Chance of the Following:
    • Enchant Scroll: Vicious
    • Enchant Scroll: Nostalgic
    • Enchant Scroll: Sparring
    • Enchant Scroll: Palm Tree
    • Enchant Scroll: Tournai
    • Enchant Scroll: Inconvenient
    • Shattered Black Metal
    • Ruptured Black Metal
    • Incomplete Seal Emblem
    • Awakened Strength Fragment
    • Cleansed Mage's Gem
    • Forged Weapon Piece
    • Destroyed Seal Chain
    • Shining Crystal Shard