Eweca Orb Update

ANNOUNCE 8/22/2012 6:09:45 PM

See what's NEW in the Updated Eweca Orb!

The Eweca Orb has been updated with brand new and even better rewards! Head on over to the item shop to get some of these new goodies.


Here is a preview of some of the new items available!

  • Dustin Silver Knight Armor
  • Adonis Wear
  • Hebona Shoes
  • Liberty Saber
  • Patron Wear
  • Heavy Punch Bracer Knuckle
  • Hebona Robe
  • Cressida Wear
  • Valencia Cross Line Plate Armor
  • Vintage Dragon Fenix Helm
  • Allegro Lyre

Hurry on over to the Cash Shop and see what you can win this time around!

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