Classic Patch Notes

ANNOUNCE 10/25/2012 11:02:44 PM

G17S1 - Classic

The Talent system now replaces the Destiny system, allowing for more specialized training and higher stats.
Various Talent Titles are given based on talent ranks.
The stat cap has been raised from 999 to 1500.
The Grand Mastery system is added.
Marriage gender restrictions lifted - You can now change genders during rebirth while married, and marry the same gender from any available race!
Several new skills added, including Mining, Commerce Mastery, Milking, Mushroom Gathering, and Sheep Shearing.

G17S2 - Puppeteer

Puppetry Talent added.
Several new skills.
New Questline.
Emain Macha revamped.
New NPCs.
New Part-Time Jobs.
Steam Ovens, Dry Ovens, and Carpentry Workbenches now available in Emain Macha.

New items for sale in the Cash Shop:
Double Puppeteer Skill EXP Potion
Bone Dragon Limited Time!
Puppeteer’s Gift Gachapon Limited Time 11/14/12! - Includes skins to dress up your puppet with, regardless of your skill ranks, called “Miniatures”, several never before seen dyes, and various costumes such as Pierrot, Colossus, and Huw outfit sets!
Mini Dyes Limited Time! - Used to dye Puppet Miniatures.
Pumpkin Bat Character Cards Limited Time!

Fixed Issues

The Hot Springs mana tunnel shows up on the map now.
The Warp Imp hotkey image now shows a warp imp.
The Grim Reaper robe is now fully animated.
Many numerous UI issues have been addressed.
Beauty shop no longer has invisible rotation arrows.
There is no longer an invisible building in Emain Macha.
Daily Tips should no longer show up when using Demi-God skills.
Numerous minor text issues have been fixed.

Known Issues

Emain Macha's map is untranslated.
The new Part-Time Jobs are untranslated.
Hoeing ranks 1 and 2 have untranslated training requirements.
Rank F First Aid's training requirement is untranslated.
Read the book "Quick & Effective First Aid".
The fishing chairs are not currently usable.
UI cuts off some text, including some titles stats.
Several quests are untranslated.
An Ice Dragon is displayed when hotkeying Bone Dragons.
Updating our music files is a work in progress.
If another person nearby uses Control Marionette while you are using the umbrella action, the action will cancel.