Bell Fox Character Card

ANNOUNCE 11/8/2012 11:32:05 AM

Adorned with bells, ribbons and bows, the Bell Fox Character Card is sure to please even the most fashionable Milletians! Not only is this costume cute it comes with goodies galore! You will get the Bell Fox costume, gloves, shoes, and a furry set of ears. Available only until November 29, 2012.

Bell Fox Human
Price: NX 9,500

Bell Fox Elf
Price: NX 9,500

Bell Fox Giant
Price: NX 9,500

And the fun doesn't stop at the fashions! Not only will you be able to dress to impress, you will get a new pose and a bell icon as a prefix to your name! How cool is that?! So hurry now and get your Bell Fox Character Card for a limited time only!

The Mabinogi Team