[EXTENDED] New Items!

ANNOUNCE 1/16/2013 11:34:42 AM
Shamala's Hero Box and Hero Box bundle sale has been extended! Fill up your transformation collection until February 20th!

Shamala Hero Box

New NPCs have been added to the transformation diary! Take a peek inside a Shamala Hero Box to see what’s in store for you. Just like the previous Shamala Boxes, you can trade duplicates for transformation medal coupons, and save up 3 coupons to trade for a different transformation medal.

Some new transformations:

Little Huw
Mysterious Cat
Hot Spring Monkey
Bean Rua Doorman
Bean Rua Employee

The possibilities are endless! Get your Shamala Hero Boxes from January 17 – February 9, 2013 and take on a powerful new form!

Monster Summoning Urn

The ever popular Monster Summoing Urns have returned! Summon some of your favorite baddies, while collecting some valuable items! The rules are the same and the items are new!

Puppet Theater Outfit
Puppet Theater Gloves
Puppet Theater Shoes
Huw's Outfit
Huw's Watch
Huw's Shoes
Master Pierrot Mini
Advanced Pierrot Mini
Lady Pierrot Mini
Student Pierrot Mini
Master Colossus Mini
Advanced Colossus Mini
Gentleman Colossus Mini
Iron Man Colossus Mini
Clear Umbrella
Lace Umbrella
Panda Umbrella
Twinkle Star Umbrella

Summon powerful forces with Monster Summoning Urns from January 17 – February 9, 2013!

-The Mabinogi Team-