1/17/12 Patch Notes

ANNOUNCE 1/16/2013 6:33:34 PM

Shamala Hero Box

All new transformations added, such as Cichol and Morrighan.
There is now an achievement for 200 NPC transformations.

Cloud Pet

Color selectable pet.
Fast flying mount.
Is returned upon death, but revives upon summon.
Stats do not increase with age.
Puts enemies to sleep upon summon.
30 second buff upon summon:
• HP Recovery: 150
• Injury Recovery: 30
• Puppet (Colossus, etc.) HP Recovery: 500
• Defense Increase: 20
• Protection Increase: +5%
• Mana Recovery Speed: +400%
• Stamina Recovery Speed: +400%

Phoenix Rebirth Event

The Phoenix Event is back.
Eggs hatch at 7pm PST each real-time day.
The better care you take of your egg that day, the better the prizes you can win.

New Years Snake Dungeon Event

Protect Dunbarton from an invasion of snakes.
Requires a party of 3 or more players to participate.
Defeat all 18 rounds to win.
Receive the Lucky Snake prefix title (Luck +30) for completing the event successfully.

Bug Fixes

The "use" menu option will now function for Emergency Escape B+ Bombs.
Failing at gathering from a pet no longer costs the pet MP.
Failure messages appear again.
Shamala no longer speaks in korean after completing the Shamala storyline.
The Soccer Item Bag Coupon is now usable.
The Lyre instrument has been tuned.
Puppets can no longer be healed by summoning them.

Known Issues

On rare occasions, the snakes in the New Year's Snake Dungeon may spawn out of bounds. If this occurs, it may be necessary to retry the mission or summon Adniel.


There are some differences between regular Dunbarton and the version used in the Snake Dungeon event.
Some transformations animate strangely when captured by a bubble.
The New Year Snake shadow mission only requires one of the boss's heads to complete.
Some transformations animate the hands oddly when using certain gestures.

-The Mabinogi Team-