Refreshing Spring Gift Box

ANNOUNCE 3/28/2013 12:11:01 PM

Refreshing Spring Gift Box

A box full of supplies to help you prepare for spring in Erinn. Contains tons of great items, including Green Onions, Bananas, Tangerines, and Ice Cream to supercharge you with essential vitamins (and a little something sweet). Take a look at some of the prizes you can get!

New Prizes:
• All-new food weapons such as the Tangerine Knuckles, Banana Bows, Green Onion Swords, Ice Cream Wands
• Electric Guitars
• Special Enchants for your food weapons and guitars
• Green Onion whistle pets
• Dual Enchant Scrolls, such as Ivy Ripple, Color White Horse, Collector Mana Witch, and Synergy Savior.

Returning Prizes:
• Food weapons such as the Cookie Shield, Roll Cake Cylinder, Cotton Candy Poof Sword, Soft Serve Ice Cream Short Sword
• Confetti Bows
• Scythes
• Neon Blue Wing Bows
• Red Elven Long Bows
• Cookies and Cream colored Avon Shields
• Various Spell Books

The Mabinogi Team