Demonic Box

ANNOUNCE 5/17/2013 10:24:58 AM

Mysterious Demonic Boxes filled with ghoulish delights have crept into Mabinogi. Transform yourself into a creature of the night with one of these fashionably spooky items found within:

Dark Knight Armor
Devil Costume
Secret Gloves
Demon Costume Gloves
Dark Knight Gauntlets
Secret Shoes
Dark Knight Boots
Dark Knight Helmet
Secret Robe
Wings of Black Demon
Wings of White Devil
Wings of Red Devil
Lorna Balloon
Devil Costume Horns
Incubus Siren Costume
Variety of Enchantments
Perfect Skill Reset Capsule

And much, much more!

Enjoy the Demonic Box before it crawls back into the crypt on June 9th!

The Mabinogi Team