Commerce Partners Are Back!

ANNOUNCE 7/23/2013 6:00:00 PM
The life of a trader is becoming increasingly chaotic in these tough times, and ruthless bandits are causing mayhem at every turn... But on July 23rd, Commerce Partners are back to help you defend your trade routes!

The Commerce Partner is the perfect companion for all traders. She’ll hold onto some of your items while you trade, increasing your Trade Inventory by 1 and Weight by 100! She can also revive you once a day in real time if you’re knocked unconscious.

To create your own Commerce Partner, you'll need a Commerce Partner Card from the Premium Shop. Once you pick one up, select New Partner from your character selection carousel and choose your server. Once you enter a name for your new Partner, be sure to click the Commerce Partner banner at the bottom of the window to activate your Partner.

The Commerce Partner will be available until July 30th. Don't miss out this opportunity to add a lifelong friend to your fantasy life!

The Mabinogi Team