Gunslinger Talent

ANNOUNCE 7/25/2013 6:16:37 PM
Gunslinger Talent

As a Gunslinger, you will be wielding powerful technology discovered by the giants of Vales. With several new skills at your disposal, you'll be slaying Fomors like never before! 

Gunslinger Skills

Dual Gun Mastery
Hone your skills, and become the strongest Gunslinger around.

Shooting Rush
With this skill, you’ll hit multiple enemies at once.

Time to refill those magazines and continue on your quest to become a master Gunslinger.

Flash Launcher
This powerful new attack will blow your enemies away like never before, dealing massive damage.

Grapple Shot
Close the gap in battle and pull yourself forward for more combo utilization.

Bullet Slide
Put some distance between you and your foe, but do it with style, and pack a punch.

Bullet Storm
Draw your gun quickly and hit multiple enemies.

Way of the Gun
Now's your chance! Go all out with a flurry of bullets, shooting as fast as you can to bring down foes!

Life Skills

Rare Mineralogy
Equip your drill and venture deep into the Hillwen mines to obtain new ores used for Engineering!

Hillwen Engineering
With the Giants technology at your disposal you can create new items to look good, and hit hard.

Shyllien Ecology
Venture into the tranquil Elven zone known as Shyllien, and gather rare and new herbs.

Magic Craft
Use the Magic Craft skill to create new weapons and many more goodies!

Gunslinger Skill Training Event

Upon selecting Gunslinger Talent you will receive 4 quests for each skill you can rank. You must train each skill to a certain rank and you will receive 20 AP for each one!

Flash Launcher to Rank C
Bullet Slide to Rank B
Shooting Rush to Rank A
Way of the Gun to Rank 9

Hillwen Mine's Nightmare

You will receive a daily quest and you must speak to Caravan Joe with 5 members in your party. Once in the mission you must take down waves of monsters to obtain rewards. Depending on which round you made it to, you may get the following items:

Round EXP Gold Bonus
1 41,500 2,900
2 74,700 6,400
3 103,750 11,200
4 145,250 12,800
5 207,500 22,300
6 290,500 25,600
7 415,000 34,200
8 581,000 51,200 Hillwen Mine Comprehensive Gift Box

*You will be automatically removed from the mission once completed.


Zeder II
Meriel PE
Dowra SE
Taunes MK3
Savage Lightning Wand
Savage Fire Wand
Savage Ice Wand
Hermit's Staff
Apprentice's Enchant Scroll
Officer's Enchant Scroll
Magical Enchant Scroll
Engineer's Enchant Scroll
Spy's Enchant Scroll
Royal Guard's Enchant Scroll
Automatic Enchant Scroll
High-Powered Enchant Scroll
Poacher Enchant Scroll
Excavation Enchant Scroll
Assault Enchant Scroll
Camo Enchant Scroll
Lyre (Real Blue)
Lyre (VIP Real Red)
Lyre (Real Gold)
Lyre (Real White)
Golden Hammer of Durability (Not tradable)
Dual Gun Training Potion (Event)
100 Mana Bullets
100 High-Density Mana Bullets
Mining Drill
Engineering Hammer
Blasted Oak Wand
Ecology Specimen Bag
Hillwen Engineering Bag
Dual Gun Repair Kit
Blue Upgrade Stone
Variety of Gems
White Herb * 10
Mandrake * 10
Antidote Herb * 10
Finest Cuilin Stone * 10
Finest Silk * 10
Finest Firewood * 10
Finest Leather Strap * 10
Finest Leather Pouch * 10
Finest Fabric * 10
Movement Speed 40% Boost Potion (10 min)
Movement Speed 40% Boost Potion (5 min)
Movement Speed 30% Boost Potion (10 min)
Movement Speed 30% Boost Potion (5 min)
Variety of Potions

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