Get a Lesson in Style with our Back to School Uniforms!

ANNOUNCE 9/10/2013 6:44:57 PM
Summer is over and it's time to trade in those beach shorts for a sharp new uniform! This year, be one of the popular kids with your very own school style. Wear it nice and neat or be a schoolyard rebel... It's all up to you!

These bags are guaranteed top-quality by Eluned herself, so pick up a Male or Female bag today!

What's inside?
 - School Uniform!
       - New Semester School Uniform Clothes
       - New Semester School Uniform Shoes
       - After School Uniform Clothes
       - After School Uniform Shoes
       - After School Uniform Bracelet (F) or Wrist Protector (M)
 - Bag Weapon!
       - Rabbit Chain School Bag
       - Rabbit Chain Gym Bag
 - Style Power!
       - 19 Pon

Don't be late for class! Eluned's School Uniforms are only available from 9/18 - 10/1!

The Mabinogi Team