The Demon Hunters

EVENTS 10/17/2013 6:58:00 PM
Wicked beasts better watch out: dark creatures have nowhere to hide with a new demon slaying duo on patrol. Dropping in on October 23, the Vampire Hunter and his trusty sidekick the Little Hopper are hunting down all things that go bump in the night.

Bloodsuckers Beware

Raiding crypts, dungeons graveyards, you name it - the Vampire Hunter is a fierce vigilante that'll put Van Helsing to shame. The costume of choice for those who operate under cover of night, this stark, seductive outfit is perfect for Holy Water-wielding Holy Arts Monks and Twin-Pistol shooting Gunslingers (let's get those in silver, please).

The Vampire Hunter Costume card comes with all those sexy premium face and hair options, and is available until November 12. If you require demon slaying services, you better get them before then.

A Cute, Clumsy Companion

Not even the undead can resist the charm of the Little Hopper. He'll bounce and dawdle behind you through the stealthiest of missions, stopping only occasionally to adjust his headdress and peek at what's going on. When you need him most he'll be at your side (or catching up), ready with a handy protection skill, an adorable whirlwind knockback attack, or *poof* all of a sudden he's a magic flying carpet ready to rug you away to safety at a moment's notice! Go pick up a friend and book a return flight for some payback.

This little fella is gone after November 5, so adopt the Little Hopper today.