New Daily Quest FAQ

ANNOUNCE 10/24/2013 10:38:04 AM
Welcome to the completely redesigned Daily Quest System. Now you can complete Daily Quests to earn Adventurer Seals, which can be traded in to a Seal Merchant for unique rewards. 

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    Most Daily Quests will reward you with 1 Adventurer Seal, and some will give you more. The more Daily Quests you complete, the more Adventurer Seals you can collect!


    Where is this "Seal Merchant?"

    You can find a Seal Merchant in Dunbarton and Belvast. They both offer the same items for sale.

    What are the Daily Quests, and what are their rewards? (Full list)

    With this brand new system, we've made some changes to existing Daily Quests. We’ve also added a load of new quests! All Daily Quests reset at 7:00 AM Pacific Time. Please note that quests completed after midnight may not reset.

    Shadow Missions

    You’ll get 1 seal for every Daily Shadow Mission Quest you complete, for a maximum of two Daily Shadow Mission Quests per day. The seals come from the quests, not the Shadow Missions, so VIP Shadow Missions won’t give you seals.

    Belvast Daily Quests

    At 1 Adventurer Seal per quest, you can get 7 seals per day from Belvast.
    • Nails for Stones
    • Manolin's Revenge
    • Diet Menu
    • Delicious Vegetables
    • Girlfriend for Hicca
    • Box from Admiral Owen
    • Kinu's Revenge

    Puppet Shop Daily Jobs

    You can get 1 Puppet Shop Daily Job from Macaulay each day. Each one awards 1 Adventurer Seal.
    • Deliver 3 Decorated Bear Puppets
    • Deliver 3 Decorated Bunny Puppets
    • Deliver 5 Bear Puppets
    • Deliver 5 Bunny Puppets
    • Deliver 8 Ferghus Puppets

    Clearing the Uladh Dungeon

    Speak to Eavan to receive a random dungeon quest once per day.

      Peaca Rewards

    • 60000 EXP
    • 10000 Gold
    • AP Coupon x10
    • Adventurer Seal x2

      All Other Dungeon Rewards

    • 30000 EXP
    • 3000 Gold
    • AP Coupon x3
    • Adventurer Seal x1

    Trading Quests

    Speak to any Commerce Goblin to receive a random commerce quest once per day. 

      Make 3,000 Ducats in Trade Profit

    • 10000 EXP
    • 1000 Ducats
    • Adventurer Seal x1

      Deliver 6,000 Ducats to the Belvast Commerce Imp

    • 120000 EXP
    • 3000 Gold
    • Adventurer Seal x1

      Defeat 15 Bandits

    • 20000 EXP
    • 3000 Ducats
    • Adventurer Seal x1

    Gathering Quests

    You’ll automatically get your rewards for gathering quests when you log in. But be sure to actually gather the items yourself! Simply having enough items isn’t enough to complete the quest. 

      Possible Gathering Requirements

    • Gather Base Herbs 50 times
    • Gather Bloody Herbs 50 times
    • Gather Mana Herbs 50 times
    • Gather Firewood 50 times
    • Gather Iron Ore 50 times
    • Gather Eggs 50 times
    • Gather Potatoes 50 times
    • Gather Corn 50 times
    • Gather Wool 50 times
    • Mine Unknown Ore with a Mining Drill 50 times


  • 15000 EXP
  • Adventurer Seal x1
  • Golden Fruit of EXP x1

  • Daily Exploration Quests

    Load up on seals and Exploration EXP by appealing to your pioneering nature.

      Gain 30 stars while rafting (Native at La Terra docks)

    • 9000 Exploration EXP
    • Adventurer Seal x1

      Gain 30 stars while ballooning (Belita)

    • 9000 Exploration EXP
    • Adventurer Seal x1

      Discover ruins 10 times (Alexina)

    • 7000 Exploration EXP
    • Adventurer Seal x1

    Iria Mine Daily Jobs

    Getting down and dirty has never been so rewarding!

      Engineering (Hector)

    • 8000 EXP
    • 3000 Gold
    • Emerald Core x1
    • Adventurer Seal x1

      Vengeful Descent (Excavation Expert in Hillwen Mine Lobby)

    • 10000 EXP
    • 3000 Gold
    • Hillwen Ore Fragment x30 OR Hillwen x10 OR Hillwen Alloy x3
    • Adventurer Seal x1

      Magic Crafting (Weiss)

    • 8000 EXP
    • 3000 Gold
    • Mysterious Herb Powder
    • Adventurer Seal x1

      Threatening Mutants (Ecologist in Shyllien's Central Complex)

    • 10000 EXP
    • 3000 Gold
    • Shyllien Crystal x30 OR Shyllien x10 OR Intact Shyllien x3
    • Adventurer Seal x1

    Faction Daily Quests

    Contribute to a faction!

      Supply Delivery (Angelina)

  • 3000 Exploration EXP
  • Adventurer Seal x1
  •   Dr. Lambert's Errands (Dr. Lambert)

  • 3000 Exploration EXP
  • Adventurer Seal x1
  •   Keeping Cover (Intelligence Agent outside Metus)

  • 15000 EXP
  • 3000 Gold
  • Adventurer Seal x1
  •   Red's Favor (Spy Red)

  • 15000 EXP
  • 3000 Gold
  • Adventurer Seal x1
  •   Cooking (Gordon)

  • 10000 EXP
  • 5000 Gold
  • Adventurer Seal x1

  • Miscellaneous Existing Quests

    You can earn 1 Adventurer Seal for completing any of the following objectives:
  • Clear the Finals of the Erinn Martial Arts Competition
  • Clear 1 of the 3 Lord Missions
  • Successfully complete the White Dragon Raid
  • Successfully complete the Black Dragon Raid
  • Win at least 1 match in the Jousting Tournament (preliminaries or final)

What does the Seal Merchant have for me?

Seal Merchants offer different goods every day of the week, except for a few essential items that are always for sale.

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