Find Caravan Joe

ANNOUNCE 1/5/2014 12:00:00 PM
He’s lost… or is he? Talk to Caravan Joe (…what?) to find out more about his (whose?!) mysterious disappearance… 

Head to Joe's hometown to seek out the One True Caravan Joe amidst a sea of imposters. 

Between the dates of January 6 - January 21, you’ll be provided with a variety of clues to help you spot the elusive Caravan Joe, a true master of disguise.

Caravan Joe’s identity is of the upmost importance – and a world with too many Event NPCs is a world of chaos. Seek him out as quickly as possible and you’ll get yourself Shamala's Transformation Medal (Caravan Joe), to help you do some NPC masquerading of your very own. 

Additionally you’ll earn Caravan Joe’s Coupon - collect a few more and earn yourself Caravan Joe’s prized Training Seal, good for 25 Training EXP. 

Complete the event to earn...
 - AP 3 potion 
 - 15,000 EXP 
 - 5,000 Gold 
 - Caravan Joe’s Coupon 

Complete the event in 5 minutes to earn...
 - AP 6 potion
 - 30,000 EXP 
 - 10,000 Gold 
 - Caravan Joe’s Coupon 

Complete the event in 3 minutes to earn...
 - AP 9 potion
 - 45,000 EXP
 - 15,000 Gold
 - Caravan Joe’s Coupon 

Complete the event in 1 minute to earn...
 - AP 15 potion
 - 75,000 EXP
 - 25,000 Gold
 - Caravan Joe’s Coupon 

Where in the world is Caravan Joe? It's up to you to find out...