The Mighty Alpaca

ANNOUNCE 1/29/2014 1:35:19 PM
Alpacas are one of the most useful animals in history, and have been raised for their wool for thousands of years. Now these lovable beasts of burden have made their way to Erinn. From February 4th – February 25th you can claim one as your very own!

Alpacas are fun and loyal pets, sure to delight Milletians from all walks of life. Watch them prance and bound across the map, or have them share the load and carry your items for you. Want to show off your strength? Give the Alpaca a break and pick it up. Lift the furry guy over your head and show off those guns!

You can harvest the Alpaca's wool and use it to make unique outfits. Not only that, but you can attach your Alpaca to a commerce cart and use it in commerce quests.

Sale Dates:
February 4th - February 25th

With winter still chilling us to the bone, nothing's warmer than an Alpaca sweater. Get your Alpaca today and snuggle up with this adorable new pet.