Limited Time Free VIP

ANNOUNCE 3/28/2014 6:20:45 PM
Free VIP Promotion

Notice: As a kind reminder, Free VIP will be ending promptly on May 2 at 11:00 AM.

We love our community. Your votes have helped us to knock out PlanetSide 2 in the Divsion Finals of the MMOBomb Ultimate F2P Showdown.

And as a token of our thanks for your support, we're giving away our VIP Service to all Mabinogi players, at absolutely no cost.

All you have to do is log in and play the game between April 2 and May 2 and the effects of the VIP Service will automatically be applied to your account. Throughout April you can enjoy all of the sweet bonuses the package provides, up to $14.90 value that includes:

Benefit Inventory Plus* Premium VIP**
Bonus Bank Slots ? ? ?
Item Transfer ? ? ?
Personal Shop ? ? ?
Ability to use Item Bags ? ? ?
Guild creation and management tools X ? ?
Housing X ? ?
Experience bonuses X ? ?
Access to additional Gestures X ? ?
Birthday presents from Nao X ? ?
Daily Advanced Play Items X ? ?
Taillteann Farm Rentals X ? ?
VIP Inventory Tab X ? ?
Unlimited Continent Warp X X ?
Exclusive Shadow Missions X X ?
Access to Style Tab X X ?

*Note: Inventory plus is available to all players for free by default.


Q: What if I purchased the VIP Service prior to the promotion?
A: The VIP Service you purchased will resume after the promotion ends.

Q: What if I purchased Premium Service prior to the promotion?
A: Your Premium Service will resume after the promotion ends.

Q: If I am the leader of a guild, will my guild still be available when the promotion starts and after it ends?
A: Your guild and your status as leader will not be impacted during the promotion.

Q: I've never used the VIP Service before. What happens to my items in the Style and/or VIP Tab after VIP Service ends?
A: Items used in the Style Tab can be removed but no new items can be added. Items left in the VIP Tab will remain there and cannot be removed unless another VIP Service Package is purchased.

Play Mabinogi and become a Very Important Player today!

**VIP benefits available to all accounts from April 2, 2014 11:00 AM until May 2, 2014 11:00 AM (PST).  No credit or extension will be given for purchased VIP status that extends into or is active during this period. VIP benefits will expire at the end of the free VIP period unless additional time for VIP status is purchased.