99 NX Gachapon

ANNOUNCE 5/1/2014 4:51:36 PM

For less than a dime, this ridiculously low-priced Gachapon offers more value than any other in store. Dig around your couch cushions for some change and you could snag a Fine Reforging Tool, Nao Soul Stones, Pon, or more. You can’t even get a piece of candy at this price!

No matter what item you receive, you’re guaranteed your money's worth.

Sale Duration:
Friday, May 2 – Sunday, May 11

Price: 99 NX


Available Items Value (NX) Sale Price (NX)
Pon (2) 200


Nao Soul Stone 300
Name Color Change Potion 200
Fine Reforging Tool 1,350
Advanced Phoenix Feather (2) 200
Enchant Expiration Removal Scroll 1,000
Tendering Potion 400
B+ Bomb 200
Emergency Ice Bomb 200
Special Dye Ampoule 1,200
Age Potion - 10-yr-old 600
High Gathering Speed Potion 400
Potion of Proficiency 900
Production Failure Potion 900
Spirit Liqueur of Blessing 2,500
Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass 700
Artisan Upgrade Removal Kit 700
Unrestricted Dungeon Pass 700
Spirit Weapon Repair Potion (6-10) 500
MP Elixir 400
Full Recovery Potion 400
Stamina Elixir 400
Party Phoenix Feather (2) 400