New Buyer Packages Updated

ANNOUNCE 5/30/2014 6:22:41 PM
It doesn't matter if you're an aspiring newbie or a grizzled veteran who slayed a bear at age 10; if you've never experienced the perks of Mabinogi's cash shop, you're missing out. Available for first time spenders only, the recently updated Basic and Premium Starter Packages contain a variety of awesome items at an incredible value.

Basic Starter Package
Premium Starter Package
Basic Starter Package Premium Starter Package
    Price: 4,900 NX
    Price: 17,900 NX

Basic Starter Package Premium Starter Package
    1 Siamese Pet Whistle
    1 Black Cotton Ostrich Pet Whistle
    10 Nao's Soul Stones
    1 Borzoi Pet Whistle
    1 Skill Reset Capsule
    30 Nao's Soul Stones
    5 Full Recovery Potions
    5 Skill Reset Capsules
    5 Massive Holy Waters of Lymilark
    10 Full Recovery Potions
    5 Goddess Waxen Wings
    10 Massive Holy Waters of Lymilark
    5 Dungeon Goddess Waxen Wings
    10 Goddess Waxen Wings
    5 Ice Bombs
    10 Dungeon Goddess Waxen Wings
    1 Dye Ampoule
    10 Ice Bombs
    10 Advanced Pheonix Feathers
    10 Party Pheonix Feathers
    10 Dye Ampoules

Notice: These packages are only available to users who have never purchased an item from Mabinogi's Web Shop or in-game Item Shop before. Players who do not qualify for them will receive the following error message in the purchase window, “The purchase cannot be completed. You do not meet the conditions required to purchase this package.

This item can only be purchased by an account with level 30 or higher character when paying with NX Credit.