Era of the Ninja

ANNOUNCE 7/16/2014 10:26:23 AM
Vampires are out, zombies are way-way out and pirates... well, their shirts are just too fluffy for them to ever be hip. You know what's hip though? Ninjas. Follow the path of the Ninja by taking advantage of a 2x skill training boost for all of Mabinogi's newly introduced skills.

Event Dates:
Wednesday, July 23 - Tuesday August 5 (2 weeks)

Event Details:
Experience 2x skill training EXP on the following Ninja skills:
  • Shuriken Mastery
  • Shuriken Charge
  • Kunai Storm
  • Shadow Bind
  • Shadow Cloak
  • Explosive Kunai
  • Smokescreen
  • Sakura Abyss

Ultimate Anime Summer!

Additionally, when you login during the event period you'll also receive Event Quests to train Sakura Abyss, Kunai Storm, Explosive Kunai, and Shadow Bind to Rank A. Complete the quests to earn Perfect Skill Reset Capsules, EXP, and extra AP.