Ninja Gachapon Available

ANNOUNCE 7/16/2014 2:11:24 PM
The Ninja Gachapon is designed for those who want to fully embody the art of stealth. Whether you walk in the padded footsteps of the racoon or the fox, the world will know you mean business when they see your wild style.

Ninja Gachapon (1)
    Price: 1,200 NX
Ninja Gachapon (10)+1
    Price: 12,000 NX
Sale Dates:
Thursday, July 24 - Tuesday, August 12 (3 weeks)

Sale Details:
The Ninja Gachapon is loaded with a cool new list of items. Among the most compelling are...
  • Fox or Racoon 2nd Titles
  • Anju / Hagi Wigs
  • Kitsune Hagi Wig / Tanuki Anju Wig
  • Kitsune / Tanuki Ear Wigs (moving ears or static versions)
  • Kitsune / Tanuki Headbands (moving ears or static versions)
  • Dragon Scale Armor, Gauntlets, Greaves
  • Black and Red Succubus Clothes, Hat, Boots
  • Maike Wig
  • Tarlach Wig
  • Dowra Wig
  • Glewyas Wig
  • Waboka Wig
  • Antonio Wig
  • Bassanio Wig
  • Paris Wig
  • Shylock Wig
  • Mad Paris's Wig
  • Arzhela Wig
  • Admiral Owen Wig
  • Sinead Wig
  • Tybalt Wig
  • Starlet Silver Brooch Wig
  • Kusina Wig
  • Annick Wig
  • Lugh's Wig
  • and much, much more!