Treasure Hunter Patch Notes

ANNOUNCE 9/8/2014 9:17:47 PM

The daring Treasure Hunter is widely renowned as an expert finder of things lost. Whether buried in the sands of the Muyu Desert or sunk in the Marshes of Pantay, no artifact is outside the archaeologist's grasp. A master of wits and problem solving, the Treasure Hunter's survival skills are as just as handy in a crisis.

New Ace Talent

  • Treasure Hunter Ace Talent added.
  • When active, receive bonus Exploration EXP.
  • Rare, puzzle based Treasure Dungeons may be discovered by those with the Treasure Hunter talent active.
    • Complete to obtain a Special Relic Box, which will award an Ancient Coin of varying value.
    • Puzzle completion is not required to advance each room, but success rate will affect the final reward value.

New Skills

  • Escape Crisis
    • Has a chance to be obtained when using the Evasion skill.
    • An active skill which removes enemy recognition for a set time based on skill rank.
  • Artifact Investigation
    • Can be obtained from the quest, “Artifact Investigator”, given after reaching Exploration Mastery Rank F.
    • Ability to appraise and restore exploration artifacts.
  • Exploration Mastery
    • Obtained after equipping an L-Rod.
    • A Passive skill utilized when exploring with an L-Rod or Sketchbook.
    • Increases Exploration EXP gained from Exploration quests.
    • At higher ranks, gives a chance to reveal nearby exploration artifacts on the map.

New Features and Changes

  • Sun Road Colt Dual Guns weapon now available, Sun Prophet Colt added
    • Ancient Mana Bullets added.
    • Both weapons also function as an L-rod when equipped.
  • Exploration Quests rebalanced and updated
    • Increased and rebalanced EXP rewards for over 1,000 existing Exploration quests.
    • Added over 250 new Exploration quests.
  • Exploration Quest Board updated
    • Only quest names, EXP rewards, and retaining fees are displayed.
    • Hunting, Collection, Sketch, and Investigation tabs added.
    • Mandatory and Category by Level tabs removed.
  • Artifact sale function added
    • Appraised/restored artifacts can be sold to NPC shops for Gold and EXP.
    • Appraisal can be completed by using Voight's appraisal service or the Artifact Investigation Skill.
      • Artifacts cannot be sold to other users.
      • Quest/mainstream artifacts cannot be sold.
      • Bundled artifacts cannot be sold.
  • Over 20 New Relics added.

  • Bari Dungeon Chest Reward Revamp

    • The following Repair Kits will now have a random chance to drop as one of the rewards upon clearing the Barri Dungeon:
      • Broken Metal Lightning Wand Repair Kit
      • Broken Dittes Sacred Wand Repair Kit
      • Broken Bonita Twin Ribbon Repair Kit
      • Broken Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan Repair Kit

    Resolved Issues

    • .DMP files that are usually generated in the Nexon/Mabinogi folder when the game client crashes are now smaller in size.
    • Some discrepancies in the directions for the existing Exploration Quests have been revised.
    • Lacy Swimsuit (F) and Striped Swimsuit (F) names have been fixed.
    • Asuna ALO Shoes and Asuna ALO Outfit added to Dressing Room.
    • Elven Long Bow crafting text updated.
    • ALO Asuna Outfit and Lisbeth Outfit no longer interfere with animations for special shoes.
    • Bonita Twin Ribbon Repair Kit will now successfully repair a Ruined Bonita Twin Ribbon.
    • Updated stat text for ALO Asuna and Silica 2nd Titles to match given buffs.

    Known Issues

    • Some audio tracks will not play during Doki Doki Dance Time.
    • When using Exploration Mastery to find a treasure dungeon, the 'unknown skill' icon is shown overhead.
    • When using an Ace Hero Character Card, premium customization options are not available in the character creation menu.
    • Text overlaps slightly in the Treasure Hunter talent selection window during rebirth or character creation.
    • Some text is too long when collecting food on Doki Doki Island.
    • Beginner titles not removed if rebirthing at cumulative level 99.
    • When handicrafting a Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan, there's a chance that Doughnut Glasses will be created instead.
    • A display issue with badges is preventing the item description for the [Ace] "Skill EXP+" from displaying properly. This impacts the following:
      • Treasure Hunter Emblem
      • Culinary Artist Badge
      • Soul Star Badge
      • Druid's Mark
      • Sage of the Night Badge