Couple Breaker Event

ANNOUNCE 2/11/2015 10:00:00 AM
Hanson the Handsome and Joanna of the Low Standards are madly in love, but is it a love worth fighting for? These two soulmates have their share of complications, and it's up to you to decide if they belong together.

Event Dates:
Thursday, Feb. 12 - Wednesday, March 11

Event Details:
Daily Quest: Talk to Hanson the Handsome in Dunbarton and choose to either fulfill his love-drenched desires or shatter his sham of a relationship. Think carefully if you're a champion of love or if you're cheering for heartbreak, each choice has a different set of rewards, which may include:

  • Proposal Balloon (#5)
  • 1,000 Sharp Arrow or 1,000 Sharp Bolt bundles
  • Couple Breaker 2nd Title Coupon
  • Statue of Love (special chair)
  • Red or Blue Upgrade Stones
  • Gems, Dye Ampoules, Potions and more!