MabiLand 7th Anniversary Celebration!

ANNOUNCE 3/17/2015 7:00:00 PM
Event Dates: Wednesday Mar. 18th - Tuesday, Apr. 21

You are cordially invited to MabiLand, a special carnival to celebrate 7 wonderful years of Mabinogi! There are lots of mini-games, prizes, and tons of food! Thank you for all the memories Milletians, and here's to many more.

Arriving to MabiLand

  • Visit Dero the Eventsman outside of MabiLand, which is located near Tir Chonaill Trading Post.
  • Set your main character for the duration of the event. Your selection will receive rewards from Daily Quests (Daily Quests reset at 7:00 AM Pacific).

Mabi Coins and 7th Anniversary Gift Box

Mabi Coins and 7th Anniversary Gif Boxes are obtained by completing various events around MabiLand.
Mabi Coins are earned from Daily Quests found in MabiLand and allow you to purchase all kinds of fun prizes from Dero. Talk to him when you're ready for an awesome prize!
Note: Only 1 of each figure can be purchased from Dero.

The Mabi Coin Box has a chance to reward you with one of the festive items Dero offers, or one of the following items:
  • Potion of Proficiency (Event)
  • Production Failure Potion (Event)
  • Special Tendering Potion (Event)
  • Protection/DEF Buff Potion (Event)
  • Stamina Buff Potion (Event)
  • MP Buff Potion (Event)
  • HP Buff Potion (Event)
  • Party Phoenix Feather (Event)
  • Double Alchemy Sill EXP Potion (Event)
  • Double Magic Skill EXP Potion (Event)
  • Double Combat Skill EXP Potion (Event)
  • Special High Speed Gathering Potion (Event)
  • Red Upgrade Stone (Event)
  • Blue Upgrade Stone (Event)
  • 3 Imp's Letter of Guarantee (Tradable)
  • 3 Goblin's Letter of Guarantee (Tradable)
  • 3 Ogre's Letter of Guarantee (Tradable)
The 7th Anniversary Gift Box is obtained by completing MabiLand games and contains lots of goodies! You'll have a chance to get one of the following:

MabiLand Campfire

Enjoy buffs and daily rewards by using the 7th Anniversary Campfire in MabiLand! The following buffs will be applied for 30 minutes after relaxing by the fire:
  • All Stats + 20
  • Max HP + 100
  • Max MP + 100
  • Max Stamina + 100
  • Max Damage + 30
  • Critical + 5
  • Defense + 5
  • Protection + 5
  • Magic Defense + 5

Hammer Game

This famous carnival game is a great way to earn a 7th Anniversary Giftbox! You can get up to 20 Giftboxes a day.
  • Form a party with your friends, a minimum of two players are needed to play.
  • The party leader must reserve a game by speaking to the Hammer Game Guide.
  • When it's your turn to play, click on the Hammer Game stand to charge the hammer.
  • You'll have 30 seconds to give the Hammer Stand a good whack, if you wait too long you'll forfeit your turn.
  • The person with the highest score at the end of game will win a 7th Anniversary Giftbox!

Roulette Game

Get a prize daily you'll get a roulette coin to try your luck on the Roulette Game! Possible prizes include:

Popularity Contest

This festival game makes it okay to play favorites! Pick your favorite NPC and receive a 7th Anniversary Giftbox every day!
  • Everyday you'll receive a Popularity Contest Sticker
  • Head over to the Popularity Contest Board located next to the Erinn Popularity Contest Helper.
  • You'll be able to vote for one of two NPC's. You can visit the board to see how your favorite NPC is doing.
  • This is a 32 bracket tournament to decide who is the most popular NPC!
  • You'll have from Wednesday, Mar. 18 until Thursday, Apr. 16 to vote! The last week of the event is to show off the winner of the Popularity Contest!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a great way to pass the time! Show your friends you're a Master by winning titles and earning buffs!
  • After selecting your main character for MabiLand through Caravan Joe in Dunbarton, you'll receive a Match book. This will allow you to challenge other Milletians. Simply right-click on the book to let other players you're ready for an epic battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  • To pick your weapon, you'll need Rock, Paper, or Scissors tickets, which are given to you daily every 10 minutes you're logged on. You can get up to 30 tickets each day.
  • When someone accepts your challenge, the match will begin.
  • You will have 5 seconds to make your selection from the Rock, Paper, or Scissors tickets you have collected.
  • If a selection is not made within the 5 second time limit, a random ticket will be chosen for you.
Titles with Mabi Coins

The Fattening

Carnivals are notorious for their strange, but delicious fares. Get rewarded for stuffing your face!
  • Visit The Fattener inside of MabiLand, he's next to the Ice Cream Vendor (of course)!
  • Develop and devour delicious festival foods like Cheesy Loaded French Fries, Gastro Burgers, and Chocolate Sundaes!

Fulfill the culinary desires of the Fattener to be rewarded with:
  • 1 Mabi Coin
  • 7th Year Anniversary Box
  • Gold and experience
  • Diet Potion to melt away the weight!

Cave of Trials

After 7 years in Erinn, it's time to test your might! Visit Duro the Trialkeeper in MabiLand to prove your strength!

  • Speak to Duro the Trialkeeper to set your main character. Only the main character may participate in this dungeon.
  • After setting your main character, you will receive 3 Cave of Trials Entry Passes. 3 Passes are given Daily.
  • The Cave of Trials is a 1 room dungeon with 10 waves of enemies. The enemies will become more difficult with each wave, and the prizes more enticing!
  • This dungeon is challenging! No pets or parties are allowed, and definitely no reviving!

Clear waves to receive Conqueror's Chests. These chests hold a multitude of rewards, which will randomly be selected.

Hello Fellow!

Get a special title depending on what year your Milletian was born! Visit Hello Fellow standing near the entrance of MabiLand.
  • Get a special title depending on the amount of years you've been part of Erinn.
  • (1-7th) Anniversary Milletian
  • Go around and greet a Milletian with the special title equipped.
  • Greet a Milletian for every year (1-7) to obtain the exclusive Seven-Year Wonder title.

Anniversary Milletian Title Stats
All titles have the same stats:
  • STR +10
  • DEX +10
  • INT +10
  • WILL +10
  • LUCK +10

Seven Year Wonder Title Stats
  • STR +10
  • DEX +10
  • INT +10
  • WILL +10
  • LUCK +10
  • Max HP +10
  • Max Mana +10
  • Max Stamina +10

Sneaky Milletian Developer

Get an exclusive Book Collector Bag (9x6) for collecting all of the special Developers Thank-you Notes.
  • Find the Sneaky Milletian hiding behind MabiLand near the Tir Chonaill Moon Gate.
  • He'll give you a Developer's Thank-you Note book which is used to collect Developer Thank-you Notes.
  • There are a total of 30 notes to collect. They will drop randomly from monsters around Erinn.
  • Thank-you Notes will only drop from monsters who are Boss, Awful, Strong, and Normal.
  • Monsters that are considered Weak or Weakest will not drop Thank-you Notes.

Performance Stage

Create your own performances during MabiLand! Grab your friends and head over to the stage, make music, chat, hang out, catch up, or anything your heart desires! This special stage is sure to bring lots of nostalgia to long-time inhabitants of Erinn.