New Apostle Raid Mode Unleashed!

ANNOUNCE 3/18/2015 9:00:00 AM

Need a challenge? Very Hard Mode is now available when choosing to do Apostle Raids. Grab your friends, and prepare yourself for the next challenge!

Table of Contents

Accessing Very Hard Mode

  • Visit Emain Macha. Behind the pub you will find the Knight's Assembly Area.
  • Click on the Alban Knights Emblem.
  • Select Girgashiy as your target apostle and choose "Very Hard" as your mode.
  • Select the Squad Search feature, or Create Squad.
  • Once you're done searching or creating, click on the Alban Knights Crest again, and select Enter Raid.

Mission Details

  • 1-16 players can join the raid.
  • You'll have 30 minutes to complete the raid.
  • Talent level Master+ recommended
  • Upon completion earn 500,000 EXP and 50,000 Gold.
  • If a total of 10 squad members are defeated during the duration of the raid, you will fail the mission.

New Titles

These titles are given to those who rise to the challenge and quickly defeat Girgashiy in Very Hard Mode. Titles are distributed on a weekly basis.

New Enchants as Rewards

Squad Matching Updates

  • Squads can now be searched for across all channels.
  • A new registration window will appear if a Squad is found on a different channel.