Ronin Outfit and Monster Summoning Urn Sale!

ANNOUNCE 4/22/2015 12:00:00 AM
Ronin follow no code of honor but their own, going only where their swords and services are needed. A large influx of monsters, being called forth by Monster Summoning Urns, has been reported through the lands of Erinn. The Ronin must now prove their blades are sharp and true! Become a fearless Ronin Master and defend the lands of Erinn from the incoming onslaught.

Ronin Master Sale

Sale Dates: Wednesday, April 22 - Monday, May 13

Ronin Shopping Bag (F) Ronin Shopping Bag (M)
tool tool
    Price: 7,500 NX
    Price: 7,500 NX

Ronin Shopping Bag Details

The outfits in the Ronin Shopping Bag come in random colors, but can be dyed. They feature an intense idle animation which taunts your enemies with a glistening sword.

Ronin Shopping Bag (F) Contents:
  • Ronin Outfit (F)
  • Ronin Shoes (F)
  • Ronin Wig (F)
Ronin Shopping Bag (M) Contents:
  • Ronin Outfit (M)
  • Ronin Glove (M)
  • Ronin Shoes (M)
  • Ronin Wig (M)
Notice: Ronin Outfits are interfering with the animations of other items, such as Shields and Instruments, causing them to appear invisible. A fix for this will be provided at a later date.

Monster Summoning Urn

Sale Dates: Wednesday, April 22 - Monday, May 13
Monster Summoning Urn (1) Monster Summoning Urn (11)
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    Price: 2,500 NX
    Price: 25,000 NX

Monster Summoning Urn Details

The Monster Summoning Urn is a premium item that features an array of fan favorite fashions, and limited edition items you thought you might never see again! For every urn opened, you'll also get a random Shadow Crystal, but that's not the only surprise. Open the Monster Summoning Urn in Ira and you'll call forth a powerful enemy! Defeat your foe and some extra rewards might be in store for you!

In addition to one of the featured items below, every time you open a monster summoning urn you'll receive:
  • A random Potent Shadow Crystal type.
  • A random Shamala's Monster Transformation Medal.

  • Featured Items:
    • Hanbok Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Royal Raiment Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Theatrical Troupe Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Elegant Hanbok Outfit Box (F)or (M)
    • Barba Blizzard Outfit Box (F)or (M)
    • Swan Lake Outfit Box (F)
    • Nutcracker Outfit Box (M)
    • Pumpkin Bat Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Bell Fox Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Anti-Fomor Uniform Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Pajama Outfit Box (F)or (M)
    • 2012 Premium Winter Newbie Wear Box (F) or (M)
    • Halloween Frankenstein Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Halloween Vampire Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Vanalen Rain Wear Box (F) or (M)
    • Alice Outfit Box (F)
    • Mad Hatter's Costume Box (M)
    • Premium Winter Fur Wear Box (F) or (M)
    • Knight Wing Plate Box
    • Star-Shaped Magician Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Sailor Uniform Box (F) or (M)
    • Classic Winter Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • Bright Summer Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • 2010 Premium Winter Newbie Wear Box (F) or (M)
    • Halloween Premium Newbie Wear Box
    • Great Outdoors Outfit Box (F) or (M)
    • 2008 Premium Winter Newbie Wear Box (F) or (M)
    • 2008 Premium Summer Newbie Wear Box (F) or (M)
    • Respectful Bow Gesture
    • An assortment of the following:
    • Pet Fixed Dye Ampoules
    • Enchant Scrolls
    • Gesture Cards
    • Training Potions
    • Consumables including Speed Potions, Skill Rest Capsules, and others.
    • Hand Puppets (Chicol, Morrighan, Pan, Lorna, Elatha, Andras)
    • Pieces of Armor Sets (such as Tara Infantry, Colossus, etc.) and Weapons for various talents.
    • Pieces from Nao's Wardrobe
    • Lorna and Pan's Goldboxes
    • Red and Blue Upgrade Stones.

    Monster List

    The following monsters have a chance of being generated when the Monster Summoning Urn is opened in Iria:

  • Girgashy *new*
  • Sweet Gingerman *new*
  • Savory Gingerman *new*
  • Buttery Gingerman *new*
  • Crispy Gingerman *new*
  • Red Dragon
  • Desert Dragon
  • Arc Lich
  • Giant Lion
  • Prairie Dragon
  • Giant Sandworm
  • Giant Long Horn Gnu
  • Mammoth
  • Ifrit
  • Yeti
  • Giant Gold Forest Mushroom Spider
  • Giant Bear
  • Giant White Wolf
  • Black Warrior
  • Giant Ogre
  • Black Wizard
  • White Grizzly Bear
  • Gold-tailed Mongoose
  • White Bush Boar
  • Wolf-striped Desert Spider
  • Golem
  • Gold Forest Lizard
  • Head Hyena
  • Small-eared Aardvark
  • Giant Short Horn Gnu