Mabinogi Renovation: Archery Preview!

ANNOUNCE 6/10/2015 3:00:00 PM

Aim for excellence with Mabinogi Renovation: Archery, the third installment of
Renovation that enhances the way you play Mabinogi. Become the master
of a new and deadly Archer skill, or perfect your form by training in skills that
have overwhelmed your enemies in battle before. Pierce through enemies with
brand new weapons, and prepare yourself for Mabinogi Renovation: Archery!


For an archer, timing is everything! Soon, you'll not only be able to recover quickly from any missed shots, but also perfect your aim in the battlefield. New weapons will make you even deadlier as you hunt down your foes.

Are you quivering with excitement yet? The wait will soon be over! Mabinogi Renovation: Archery will arrive in June!