Mabinogi Renovation: Archery Patch Notes

ANNOUNCE 6/16/2015 3:00:00 PM

New Skill

  • Urgent Shot - Allows you to rapidly recover and fire again after a missed shot. Use it in the split second after a miss to knock back the enemy and increase the aiming speed of your next attack. Accessible only to Humans and Elves

Archery Skills Revamped

  • Support Shot - Cooldown time reduced. The effect of the skill now lasts for 10 seconds
  • Arrow Revolver - Removed expiration time and Drop Rate increased for newly acquired Arrow Revolver pages. Arrow Revolver acquisition quest can now be completed in tandem with some other skill acquisition quests
  • Mirage Missile - Increased damage based on Intelligence and Dexterity modifiers and movement speed reduction is a consistent 55%. Monsters may now be killed by the damage over time effect, and the effects can spread to nearby enemies
  • Final Shot - Conditions of the skill linger after you're knocked down. Teleporting while using the skill no longer reduces skill duration. At higher ranks, Cooldown is reduced
  • Spider Shot - Cooldown times reduced. There is no delay for using other skills after using Spider Shot. Spider Traps now available in various NPC shops
  • Throwing Attack - Strength is the dominant stat modifier, Cooldown time reduced at all ranks. A stun effect is now applied to enemies hit by the skill

New Weapons

New Weapon Upgrades

Updated Weapons

  • Atlatls may now receive Artisan Upgrades and Special Upgrades. Javelins may now be bundled up to 100
  • Crossbows allow walking and running while equipped and now deal piercing damage

New Crafting Material

  • Hard Monster Horn - Acquired via "Warden of the Gods" Theatre Mission (Hard/Advanced) or "Guardian of Avon" Theater Mission (Hard/Advanced)
  • Celtic Crossbow and Celtic Royal Crossbow may be crafted at Carpentry Rank 1


  • Aiming Rate adjusted to be more accurate above 70%. At 100% shots will always hit their mark unless the Evasion skill is used successfully
  • Archery Tutorial updated to include archery equipment. 400 Arrows are granted after completion
  • "Creating Opportunity from Crisis" skill acquisition quest for Urgent Shot added, given when Support Shot is Rank B or above. Accessible to Humans and Elves only

Resolved Issues

  • The Count Cookie Hat & Wig will now properly display all three colors when worn by Giants
  • The Lightning Rod skill's talent training bonus will now properly receive double its training points with the Magic talent
  • Enchant scrolls meant for Shurikens will now properly display a list of their effects